Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Hey, so I'm here in New Zealand right now. Our flight landed at about 5:30 am. There is a total of 14 missionaries that are going to the same mission and its been a blast to hang out with them over the past 24 hours! We just got to the MTC about an hour ago and we now have our name tags! It still hasn't really kicked in yet that im a missionary. 

The country is beautiful, everyone is so nice. Oh, and the accents everyone has is so sick!! They are kinda hard to understand. Its all so different over here! The way the people talk, how they say things and the different terminology they use. 

Gosh, this is insane! I already love it here! We get to go to the temple next Thursday so I'm pretty pumped about that! 

Trying to get into New Zealand is complicated... Once our flight landed we went to pick up our bags and than wait to go through another security line. It was quite a drag... But nevertheless, I'm here and im really enjoying everything so far. 
And yes send me my Preach My Gospel. Have ryan get tanner, davis, and andrews email address for me so I can write them! Tell everyone I say hello and I love them and I miss them! I will write you again next thursday.
Elder Shannon    

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