Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Monday, August 10, 2015

I Can't Wait to Get Out in the Field!!

Today is or last day at the MTC. We leave tomorrow on Wednesday, Tuesday for you guys. 
My companion is Elder Brown. He is from Utah, I'm still with everyone I flew out with which is awesome because we have all become great friends over the past few weeks. 
The flight here was super long. I got about a total of 7 hours of sleep on the plane. When we got to the MTC it was pretty relaxed. They let us go to bed 2 hours before everyone else who was here which was nice. 
My teachers have been awesome! They’ve helped me a lot throughout the past week. So everything right now is awesome! I struggled at first being away from home. I didn’t think it was possible to pray as many times I have throughout a day. Its crazy!!! I cant wait to go out in the field! Time flew by! 
My testimony has grown so much over the past 12 days and im excited to teach the gospel. I sent home a picture of everyone who is at the MTC so you will probably be getting it sometime this week! Man, I wish I could tell you guys everything that has happened so far but theres so much and I could go on forever! I'm short on time but I love you guys and I miss you! I can't wait to be out in the field to share this gospel with everyone in New Zealand! 
Oh duh I forgot to tell you, we went to the temple this week and it was awesome!! The drive down to Hamilton was beautiful! Everything is so green. Okay ha got to go!

Elder Shannon

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