Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Kira Ora

Kia Ora
Wow. What a week! Wednesday morning at 8 am we left the MTC. President and his wife were there to pick us up along with the AP's. They brought a few vans for all of us to fit in. The first place we went to was One Tree Hill. Its a look out point that looks out over all of Auckland! It was beautiful. After which we went to the mission office and did a bunch of boring stuff there. 
Thursday was the day we got to meet our companions. There was a big mission conference that day where every missionary from the whole mission was there! 
My companions name is Elder Faamau, he's Samoaen and about 5'9 300 lbs. Everyone knows who he is, thats the kind of guy he is and super funny. But he is awesome and so chill. I love him! Like he is so sweet! 
After we met our companions Pres. Balli and his wife spoke and than he made me share my testimony in front of the whole mission!! Thats in front of 200 plus missionaries!!! But it went really well. 
Oh and this is scary. After they told me who my companion was I was told that I was going to have to drive!! like WTFreak!!! I was so scared! I had to drive about 30 miles to get to our area. It was hard. Trying to get used to driving on the other side of the road is weird but I'm used to it now. 
The area I'm in is Otara. Its the smallest zone in the whole mission. Its pretty ghetto here in this area. But when we got to our flat (home) the zone leaders got the whole zone together to welcome me. Thats when I found out I'm the only white guy out of the 10 Elders in my zone haha. But we all got together and had a bunch of food and than they made a haka about the Book of Mormon that they performed for me which was sick! 
All the Elders in the zone are so cool and when we aren't out proselyting we are all just hanging out! its awesome. Then on Friday me and my companion were able to go out and do the Lords work. That's all Saturday was too. But its awesome to share the gospel with these people cause some of these people need the gospel in there lives because they are struggling. The people are ready for it in my zone. 
Yesterday was Sunday for us and church was different.They have wards out here. I got to share my testimony again this time in front of the ward! After church we went to a members house to have lunch. It was a tongan meal and it was amazing! They fed us so much food but it was dang good! The ice cream down here is way better. By heeps too! its insane haha. 
Man this is all so weird. I'm really enjoying it so far. It is awesome out here. The elders out here know how to have fun but at the same time they work hard! My zone is the highest baptizing zone in the mission. But yeah, everything is good. I couldn't be happier right now! its awesome! I'm going to send some pics in a sec. But I miss all of you and love you! 
Elder Shannon

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