Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, August 30, 2015

My First Haka!

This week was stake conference for us.  And when I say "week" I mean its a week full of different events!  Tuesday they did a thing called "Rescue Night".  The whole stake gets together and they put people into groups and than give them names of people or families who are less active and we go out to say “hi” and share a message!  It was awesome to see so many members out doing the work as well.  Wednesday was a huge stake youth mutual.  I'm not sure what they did exactly but all of the youth said it was fun!  

On Friday, which was so cool! Each ward was given a year that they had to come up with a dance for.  Each ward went all out on it!  All the performances were amazing!  Our stake President wanted the missionaries to be a part of it so we ended up doing the Haka!  I've never been more pumped up in my life. Doing the haka you just let everything out and the adrenaline gets pumping and it feels so good. It’s cool because one of the Elders made this haka and it’s based off the Book of Mormon and the stripling warriors. 
President Balli heard that we did this and we told him we want it to be something the whole mission can learn and we can make it for the mission.  He is considering doing it which would be so sick!  

Saturday we had a service project in the morning.  We then had a priesthood leadership meeting @ 3, which was very interesting on many different levels haha. Then we had the first session of stake conference at 6 which was mean! (sick) They had converts to the church bear there testimonies which were amazing! Its much different here, almost every member is a convert. You don't find a lot of people who grew up in the church. It just shows that people do need to hear this gospel no matter who they are, how old they are, or what they've done. On Sunday we just had our second session of stake conference.  Later that night they would finish the week off with a musical fireside.  The fireside was pretty freaking awesome!  They go all out on everything here!  You can tell how much the gospel means to them by the effort they put in for things like musical firesides and stuff.  

Our new investigator we have is awesome.  He's still wanting to be baptized and you can tell he's excited.  Our ward is doing a good job of helping us and making sure youth reach out to him so it makes our job much easier.  The food here just keeps getting better and better.  I can tell I’m putting on weight but that's good cause that motivates me to work out so it balances each other out.(: 

It’s hard to describe everything that happens cause there is just so much!  Everything is going great.  My two companions are awesome.  Everything feels good.  Oh I got food poisoning on Wednesday which sucked so we stayed home for most of the day, but other than that its good and I’m still learning a butt load of stuff.  I love you all!  Keep it real!

Elder Shannon

P.S.  E moni le ta lalelei (the church is true)  ☺

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