Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Monday, September 21, 2015

Baptism this Week :)

Malo (Hello) 

This past week was a solid week. We went to visit our Investigator R everyday this past week just to make sure he was still ready for baptism. I love that kid so much! He is so awesome to talk to and his testimony is so cool. He made the decision to get baptized all by himself which was cool. His parents aren't members but his Aunt and Uncle are. The cool thing is that his mom is starting to get interested in the church. She has a strong testimony of the gospel, she just hasn't prayed to ask Heavenly Father but she said she would so hopefully something comes of it. 

Wednesday was a pretty normal day for us. We had zone conference on Thursday and so the Zone leaders told everyone to call it an early night so we could prepare for it. And what they meant by that is that they wanted to practice the haka because we were performing at the conference for Sister Balli's birthday. So all the Elders came over to our house to practice and we practiced for a solid 2 hours. We wanted it to be perfect! After we practiced we all went to bed. 

Thursday we had zone conference. President and Sister Balli both spoke along with the AP's. Zone Conference was held at our chapel. One of the Samoan wards in the stake was assigned to feed us and the meal was amazing! So much food. Anyways after conference we all went into the gym. We got up on the stage where the ground was hollow so when we stomp it would sound really loud. We killed the haka! It was so intense! You wont understand how intense it is unless you are part of it! One of the Elders got it on video and I’m waiting for him to send it to me so I can show you. But it was so sick! So Thursday was really cool. 

Saturday was the day R was getting baptized. It was cool to be a part of from the beginning. From finding him to teaching every lesson. Watching him progress towards baptism was awesome. Being there and being part of the baptism was super cool. After the baptism we went to the Crossfit gym which one of our members own and we got to perform the haka for Mihi Nemani. It was her birthday so we did it for her. She posted it on youtube. It titled "Missionary bday haka" it should be one of the first things that pops up, if not add Mihi Nemani to the search as well and it should come up. 

Sunday I had the opportunity to give R the confirmation blessing and that was a super cool experience. I put my hands on his head and words just started to come out of my mouth. Crazy how the spirit works! After church there family invited us over for lunch. They had heaps of food! They kept telling us to eat. I was so full and they still wanted me to eat more. It gets so frustrating cause they expect you to eat everything. 

Just as we were about to leave they gave me and my companions some flower crown things and a necklace made of shells. The last thing they gave us was sweet. Its this precious stone that is super rare that they put on a necklace and its meant for our wives. So who ever my future wife is I have a gift for her haha! 

Thats my week! Nothing but a smile on my face all week. It was super exciting with everything that happened. Transfers are this week and that means we have to drop my Elder Ratu at the airport tomorrow morning. Super sad. We don't want him to leave because we were like the Three Musketeers! On the other hand though. This country is going nuts right now. The Rugby World Cup started this weekend. You have Samoans cheering for samoa. Tongan Cheering for Tongans. Everyone else is for the All Blacks. So there is a lot of opposition in the country right now haha! Its pretty crazy. Everyone gets way into it. The games are super late at night and early in the morning and people stay up all night to watch the games! Its so crazy. So church attendance was low on Sunday for every ward. 

Everything is good so far out here in New Zealand. Still can't upload pictures to the computer yet. Im still trying to figure that out. This church is true. My testimony has grown so much being out here. Me and my companions are still getting along really well. To the point where I see them as brothers and not companions. We are constantly learning from each other everyday. I love you all and I love receiving emails from everyone. So feel free to write me whenever you wish! Talk to you all soon!

Elder Shannon

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