Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Samoan Trades


This week has probably been the slowest week that I've had since I've been out. But it was still a solid week. Tuesday was pretty cool though. The Samoan Elders in our district have been struggling to find people to set for baptism. This led to one of the Samoan Elders, Elder Saulo and my companion making a bet that if Elder Saulo takes me that we will set someone for baptism. So we had trades offs that day for about 8 hours. But it was cool cause that meant that I got to go and experience a different mission almost. But the only thing that sucked was that I didn't know how to speak Samoan hahaha. 

We went out visiting families and such like normal. We then received a referral to go visit the family. Long story short, they wanted to get baptized, which was really cool because Elder Saulo and his companion were really struggling so it was cool to see him so happy for the baptism. The other cool thing about trade offs with him was that they had a member feeding us that night so I got to go to that. I’m starting to get comfortable with the food here. At first it was weird but now I’m getting used to it. 

Another cool thing is the area I’m in I have been able to see a few of my teachers from the MTC!! Two of them are in my stake and so I get to talk to them often and that's really cool. But other than that the week was pretty normal. We bike almost all the time. But because our are is so small its hard to find work to do so there will be days where we will plan to walk and visit a few less families and we focus more on trying to find people on the street to talk to. Thats also hard to because our bishop and stake president want us to focus more on less actives instead of finding investigators. 

Me and my companions are still getting along really well, we have heaps of fun when we are out and about which makes the work easier. Our investigator R is doing really well, we have one more lesson to teach him before his baptism. His baptism got moved to this Saturday because his Uncle wouldn't be able to make it on Thursday but that's not a big deal so its all good. 

We have zone conference this Thursday and our zone gets to perform the Haka we made so I’m excited for that! My other companion Elder Ratu leaves next Tuesday to Vanuatu which is sad because me and him got along really well. Thursday night we had a cool experience. One of the families in our ward was preparing to go get sealed in the temple this last Saturday. So they have been looking forward for this moment for along time. But Thursday night there family got really sick and they thought it was going to prevent them from going to the temple so they were super nervous. Around 8:30 that night they called us to come over and give the whole family blessings. 

The family is Maori and the Maori people have a super close connections with spirits and as we were giving a blessing to the mom, which my companion Elder Faamau was giving, he talked about there ancestors and how they were watching over them. Once we finished giving the blessings we asked them is they had had anyone recently pass away and they said yes. We felt the spirit so strong that night we were giving  the blessings! The mom said she was able to feel there ancestors there in the room with them which was super cool. When we walked out side,me and my comps started talking about how strong the spirit was and how cool of an experience it was. The blessings helped them and they were able to go to the temple and get sealed which was really cool. 

Everything is going really well over here and I’m doing awesome! Im almost done with my first transfer which is crazy!!! Time flies being out here Anyways I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Shannon          

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