Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Weekly Update

I don't even know where to begin how to describe my week. By far the most spiritual week I've had so far! It began Tuesday morning in our district meeting. My companion Elder Faamau is the district leader and he was teaching us about personal accountability and it was pretty sweet what he taught. He had all of us crying by the end of the meeting and it really got me thinking about the person I was before the mission. Looking back on it there are so many things I would go back and change. 

Later that day at about 8:40 pm we went to Subway to get some cookies. After which we were going to head back to our flat. When we walked out of subway my other companion Elder Ratu wanted to take the long way home instead of cutting through the parking lot that would have saved us 5 minutes, but we went around instead. As we are walking on the side walk we see this lady who is drunk about 100 ft in front of us. As we were approaching her we said "Hello, How are you?" She stopped walking, looked up at our faces, than she looked down at our badges. When she saw our badges and realized who we were, she took off her glasses and started to cry. She told us that she had been looking for people like us. She said that the way she is living isn't what she wants with her life. Me and my companions looked at each other in awe! The spirit was so freaking strong! We ended up talking to her about what was going on in her life. After all of that we asked her if we could stop by her house later sometime this week. Haha this is where it got super weird. We told her we would come back the next day at 2 pm. When we said we were gonna come over she thought we were going to have sex with her!!!! Like WHAT???!!!! My companions and I all looked at each other not knowing what to do! After a while we ended up sorting it all out. We found out she wasn't in our area so we referred her to the zone leaders who was in her area. But that overall was a pretty cool experience. 

The rest of the week carried on as normal. Once Sunday came, Thats when my next experience happened. Once we got home from church, and we didn't have any appointments for 2 hours. But the zone leaders had one before we did. The Zone leaders are Elder Pinono and Elder Taimani. Anyways as Elder Pinono was walking out the door, he felt prompted to ask if I wanted to come with them. I said yes. On our way over they were telling me about the person we were going to visit. Her name was Jenna and she was one of there investigators. In there last visit she got upset at something they did and I won't go into detail on it cause its personal but we were going to figure out why she was upset. We walk up to her door and the front door is open so we knock and ask if we could come in. There was no response. Then her kids com running around the corner and tell us to come in. We walk in and Jenna is sitting on the couch watching tv. She wanted nothing to do with us. After about 5 minutes of talking to her trying to get her to communicate back to us she starts to explain what had happened and she was mad. She was using some vulgar language. Like she was super mad. It got to the point where I thought she was going to pull a gun out of her purse and threaten us to get out and never come back. I was so scared. But that didn't happen. After the Elders apologized for what happened she expressed to us that if I wasn't that she would have kicked them out and smashed the windows to the car. After she told us that we all took a deep breathe and gathered our selves back together. Once we did that, the spirit entered the room so fast and we started to teach her about temples and families. Before all of this she didn't want to investigate the church after what had happened but the spirit said other wise. We ended up meeting with her for a total of 2 hours and it was probably the strongest I've ever felt the spirit. It was incredible. It was definitely a testimony builder for me. 

I'm so thankful for the opportunity I have to be in a trio cause if not, that experience wouldn't have happened. This Gospel is so true. Its PERFECT! But we as member are not. That's why we need to strive to be the best we can be and obey the lord and his commandments. Everything is great here. Our investigator Richmond wants me to baptize him on the 17th of this month so I'm excited for that. Sounds like everything is going great back home! I miss all of you and love you! I'll talk to you all soon.

Elder Shannon      

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