Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

It Just Keeps Getting Better and Better!!


This week started off pretty well for me. I had my first district meeting as district leader this last Tuesday and it was awesome! We talked about our purpose as missionaries and we got in a deep discussion about it and it was so awesome. You could tell everyone was feeling the spirit because everyone was participating and getting involved. We didn't even get to cover everything I had prepared. It was one of the cooler discussions I’ve had out on my mission so far that have been with other missionaries. 

After district meeting we went on splits with the zone leaders. My companion was sick so him and one of the zone leaders just stayed with him back at the flat. So it was me and Elder Chong-nee who went on splits. We went up to there area which was about an hour away from our area. But it was awesome because we had to do a lot of driving to get around everywhere and so we had some time to talk. He doesn't really like his companion so he told me that it was nice to get a break from his companion. He is an awesome Elder. We get along really well and we both wish we were each others companions just because we get along really well. Oh and he is Samoan too which makes him that much cooler. That day was a good day. 

The zone leaders area is beautiful! One of the areas they cover is called Opononi, its right by the ocean and the town overlooks the bay.  He took me to a cool look out point were we could over look the whole bay. It was so awesome! We ended trade offs later that night. The next day I woke up sick. My companion and I had the flu and so we were stuck in our flat all the way up till Friday night. So we didn’t do anything at all really. On Friday night, we decided to have our bishop come give us a blessing because conference was the next day for us and we were worried we were going to miss it because we were sick. We felt much better on Saturday from the blessing and we got to watch conference. We just watched it at our chapel with our ward. 

Conference was so mean! So good. It was cool watching as a missionary because I had nothing to distract me from any of the talks. This was also pretty cool, some of the questions I had going into conference were answered in some of the songs that were sung which I though was pretty cool. But my testimony was strengthened so much from it. Like it was unreal. I felt like a new person when it was over. I can’t get over how great conference was! I wish it would keep going. Everything is going really well though. The work is still hard but me and my companion are making it fun for ourselves. We are getting along just fine. We joke around a lot and have some fun which keeps us going when days get hard. 

My district is doing awesome! They are all working so hard and they keep me going as a missionary. Thats the good thing about having sisters in your district. They bring you food when you are struggling or you are having a rough day so its pretty cool. The other cool thing is that I’m not allowed to council the sisters with there problems so I don't have to deal with the drama as much which is nice. The sister training leaders handle all that stuff. 

The life of a missionary gets better and better each day. There are days where we will be driving home at the end of the day and we haven't had much success that day and than randomly I will smile and just think to myself how awesome it is to be here to serve the lord. There is nothing better. 

Other than that not a whole lot ha s happened just because we've been sick all week. Me and my companion are excited for this week because we are going to pick up the slack from being sick so we are super pumped. 

I love you so much!    

Elder Shannon


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