Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, October 18, 2015

It's the White Shirt and Tie


This week I have learned a great deal. Being a district leader just keeps getting better and better. The only thing that sucks is preparing for district meetings but that's about it. Other than that I can do what ever the freak I want! Ha jokes. Nah but its awesome having a district full of girls because every time me and my companion go over to  have a comp study with them they always make us food so its awesome. So I have comp studies with them pretty often haha. 

Anyways on Wednesday one of our less actives we are working with right now had a court case that day and he asked for us to come and support him. He got caught stealing over $3,000  worth of stuff. So for him going in to the court case things weren't looking to good. Odds are he is going to jail for who knows how long. So we go to the case with him and he wanted us there because he wanted to show everyone there that he was looking to change. He really wants to change and by having us there he hoped it would have an effect on the judge. 

The moment we walked in wearing a white shirt and tie everyone looked at us wondering why missionaries were here during a court case. Fast forward a little bit. The judge is talking to J about what he has done and what his punishment will be. The judge said "We could end this whole thing right now by just throwing you in jail. All I have to do is say it." This is when things got cool. J stood up and started to speak about his efforts in trying to change. He started to cry and explain that we have been able to help him. It was super cool because the tide had changed! We all thought he was going to go to jail going into the case. The judge decided to give him a chance. So he has to do community service and he cant leave his house. So it was super cool. Afterwards him and his family expressed there gratitude for us showing up and supporting him. His sister and mom are both active members. They told us that having us there changed everything. They felt more comfortable about the situation. J admitted to what he has done and felt comfortable doing so.

My companion and I have gotten really close with this family over the past few weeks and they are so awesome. This experience taught me that the effect missionaries have on people. By being my self and who I am has brought greater success for me as a missionary. And I have seen people change because of it. Just by being worthy of the holy ghost to have it by your side at all times is a huge blessing. Because people can feel that spirit. People look up to missionaries. More than I thought. Before I came out I always talked about going out and serving the Lord and changing peoples lives, but I don't think I knew what the truly meant at the time until now. Hearing what some of these people go through has changed my life heaps. It's changed my perspective on people. 

There is no time to waste out on the mission field. People are counting on us whether they know it or not. We all have a story, some good and some bad. There will be days when times get hard. We may not know what to do. But the lord knows. And I KNOW that I have been sent here for a reason. I'm not here just to baptize. I'm here to change someone's life and help them become a better person. They need people dressed up in a white shirt and tie. The knowledge we have is far greater and more precious than anything on this earth. Yet it's so simple.

Me and my companion are struggling, the work is getting slower and slower. We've knocked on almost every door in our area and have found no success. We just keep getting doors slammed in our faces. We share half of our area with a senior couple, who are just awesome, and they are having the same problem we are having. We have both run out of ideas. The people in our area are struggling to find jobs, trying to support themselves. Most people who do have jobs have like 2 or 3. They start early in the morning and get home late at night. Trying to catch people at home is nearly impossible. We have no idea what to do. Our ward doesn't seem to care either so that makes it harder. It's been super frustrating. Other than that, I'm doing really well. Just trying to stay positive. 

We did have some luck towards the end of the week. We had an investigator we dropped text us asking us to come "teach her about god'. So that was pretty cool. We also found another new investigator. We have been trying for weeks to catch them at home and we couldn't. We finally got hold of them and we are going by sometime this week to see them. Hopefully we have some success this next week. 

Tell everyone I love them and miss them dearly!

Elder Shannon


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