Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Everything About This Gospel Makes Sense


Well this week has been a rollercoaster. I feel like my faith has been tested over and over again. One day will be awesome and then the next day will just be terrible. And then it starts over again. It didn't make it easier that my companion is brand new. Still trying to get him used to the mission and how things work. So that has been quite the task for me this past week. But overall I feel like I've grown heaps over the past few months! 

It’s weird when I look back on the times when I doubted myself and think, Why was that so hard? It’s so weird to see how you progress as a missionary and how much you learn in such a short period of time. I am so grateful for everything I have experienced so far. 

Anyways back to my week. Me and my companion have done heaps of door knocking. That's actually almost all we did this week. Door after door we get nothing. One day it will be a such a harsh no, the next day everyone will be willing to talk with us, then the next day will back to the no. It’s super frustrating. So many people could have been saved but they didn’t… they didn't want to listen. It’s alright though because when I see them in the life after this I will say to them "I tried to save you, but you didn't listen". Lol. Nah jokes. We knocked about 70 doors this past week and only got one return appointment with them. So we are really hopping that he is the answer to our prayers. 

Oh and the prayers. I Pray so many times throughout the day just asking for help. I just want someone to listen to us!!!! I have learned patience and how to love the people even when they can really make you angry. Which I am so thankful for because it helps me stay focused on my purpose. My companion is starting to get under my skin. He is constantly questioning everything I do. He purposefully annoys me. And he is pretty immature. Like last night I was talking with one of the zone leaders about my district and we had the door shut so that obviously meant that the meeting was private. He just walks in and tackles me onto the bed that’s in there right in the middle of our meeting. So I am trying to figure out how to control the kid. But I still love him and I am doing my best to help him out. It’s just the little things he does that drive you crazy. He gets frustrated when we don't do what he wants to do. Ok i'm done going off about my companion.

Thursday morning got off to a strange start though. The assistants drove 3 hours to have a comp study with me and my companion and they didn't even warn us. But it’s good. It just surprised me and my companion. Something cool about this week was our church attendance was way up this week. My companion and I and the senior couple have been working with several less actives and almost all of them came to church. It was one of the highest sacrament meetings that the ward ever had. So it was sweet. Our mission gets to go to the temple in December which I am pumped for. I miss going to the temple when ever I wanted. So I am really excited for that. 

It’s crazy how fast time goes by out here on the mission. I have been out for 4 months now. It's weird to think about. Still have a long ways to go, but I’m glad I am nowhere near ending. I love this gospel and I am so happy to share it with others. This is the only true church on the earth today. There is nothing that can bring more joy into our lives than the gospel. Everything about this gospel just makes sense. When ever I question something about the gospel. I almost get immediate confirmation that it’s true because I find my answers through the Book Of Mormon and let me tell ya, its an unreal experience. 

Well there is nothing else I have to say. Things are going pretty good here on the other side of the world. That’s all I have for this week! Love ya!

Elder Shannon      

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