Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, November 8, 2015

I'm A DAD!!

Kia Ora

This week has been full of adventures. I don't even know where to begin. Monday thru Thursday we were with Elder Chong-nee because his companion went home last Monday which was awesome. I miss being in a trio. It's much more fun and the work is more effective because you have three brains and not just two. So that was pretty cool. 
We had the chance to go to Cape Freaking Reinga!!!! Its the very tip of New Zealand! I have pictures I will try to send. But if you look up pictures yourself, it's absolutely beautiful. It was unreal. It was a once in a life time opportunity. Most people in New Zealand never get to go there because it's so far away so we were super excited when we got to go there. It was a long drive but totally worth it. 

Monday night though we got a call from President about transfers. My companion was getting transferred to a new area and President asked me to train! I was super pumped. I don't know what it's like in other missions but here they call the person who is training the dad and the trainee the son. And it gets more into depth with moms and brother and sisters and stuff like that. So I now have a son haha. My family now has begun. Well at least my mission family. 

Wednesday we spent most of the day getting ready for transfers on Thursday. We had to go get a trailer and stuff and we had to clean our cars and houses. So we spent most of the day doing that. Preparing for it sucked. We were up till midnight trying to sort everything out. So we didn't get to bed until one in the morning. And the worst part was we had to wake up at 5 so we could leave by 6;30 to make it to Auckland in time. The drive was alright. It was long!  Ugh... And pulling a trailer with the crap car we have sucks. It felt like the car was going to explode every time we accelerated. But it was cool. It was nice to see other missionaries again haha. 

Going into the meeting not knowing who my companion was, was killing me! When I finally got to see and meet him it made everything better. He's the man. Trying to get him to adjust from the MTC to the field is a struggle. He is still stuck in the MTC and is struggling to accept what the mission is actually about. And he is constantly questioning everything we do. But I'm just being patient with him. He is honestly the man though. He just has to get used to everything and he will be awesome. 

Friday during our weekly planning we made the decision to start from scratch. We are going to knock on every door again and hit up every potential we had in our area book. So the past 3 days all we have been doing is door knocking. We haven't found any success yet but we are hoping for something soon. But its awesome taking the lead full on. And being a trainer has made me strive to be a better missionary in every aspect. I want my companion to be the best freaking missionary in our mission. He has some serious potential. And the weird thing is, is that I kinda feel like a dad. Haha I like the mission terms. They just make the experience so much better. 

Oh the mission field is a great place. Im loving every bit of it right now. Yeah we struggle as missionaries at times, but the great thing is, is that there is someone who is there just waiting for us to ask for his help. Thats what's so great about this work. The Lord is always there to help. And thats' why it's so important to be obedient. So you can have that connection with the Holy Ghost and our Heavenly Father. We have had some pretty sweet experiences with less actives though. Our success with less actives has been awesome. When you get a less active to come back to church, its like the same feeling you get when someone gets baptized. That's all I have for this week. 

Elder Shannon      

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