Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Rottweiler!


This week is has been quite the experience. So much has happened this week but it is hard for me to explain all of it. On Tuesday we had trade offs with the zone leaders that day. It was mean! Me and Elder Cunningham (who is one of the zone leaders), we smashed our area. It consisted of talking to drunk people, People who are high, and running away from several dogs. But it was a solid day. I love trade offs because I learn so much and it has helped me through out the rest of the week. It was also the stake temple week. So all the wards went down to the temple in Hamilton for the week. They would stay there for a whole week and go to the temple almost every day. It sucked because we had hardly anyone to go visit or to feed us. So that complicated things heaps this week. 

Then things with our ward started to go down hill. We had  person pass away this week from our ward. One man was old and had cancer. Everyone kinda anticipated he going to pass soon so that wasn't to shocking but still sad. Than the next night one lady had a severe stroke that caused some serious brain damage and since than it hasn't looked good since. She is on life support right now but they are thinking about pulling the plug soon because she would be in to much pain just to try to fight through it. Luckily our bishop didn't go to the temple so he was able to attend to the need s of everyone who was in distress. And because every one was gone we had to help him with almost everything. 

On Friday our bishop left his car at the chapel because he was with another person in another car. Well later that day he came back to find out it was stolen and later found that the people who stole the car stole everything from inside of it and than burned the car.  It was a super stressful week for our ward and trying to figure everything out. 

Back to missionary work - Friday was so freaking cool! While we were doing weekly planning, I started to feel that the work we have been doing wasn't sufficient enough to the Lord. So I started pondering about what we have been doing wrong and why it wasn't good enough. After about a half hour or so I got the weirdest desire to go and do some door knocking. Like I was getting pumped just thinking about it. I was getting excited. Me and my companion had printed off a few maps of streets in our area so we could keep track of all the doors we had knocked on. And to this point we had almost knocked on every single door in our area. So as I started to ponder on which street we should go tracting on. I felt strongly to go to a street called Otiria rd. This street is long-ish and is straight for a while too. So we parked our car at one end of the street and started knocking on doors. This is where ish gets real - We are going to the third house on the street and as we approach we see a dog sitting on the front porch. We don't think much of it and start to head towards the house. The dog sees us and starts to walk towards us. This dog was massive as! It was a black Rottweiler. Normally dogs that are used to keep people off there property are chained up right? Well that's not the case here. The moment the dog got up my companion started booking it down the street. I thought the dog was nice and was going to come to us so we could pet it. Thats not what happened at all. The dog started running at me. So I figured if I didn't run he wouldn't chase us. I was wrong. He came after me and I got scared so I held out the book of Mormon in front of me hoping that it would stop the dog or something like that. But that didn't work either. So I got the adrenaline rush of a life time and ran the fasted I have probably ever ran in my entire life. The dog was so close to catching me and biting me! I was so freaking scared. We out ran the dog and it finally stopped chasing after us. It was scary as…  I was shaking afterwards and told my companion that was the scariest thing ever. That dog wanted to kill us. So every dog we come across I legit get scared now. I hate it!!! 

Anyways, back to tracting. Me and my companion went for a solid 2 hours on that street talking to everyone at there door step for at least 5 minutes. It was mean! We got 4 return appointments with people and we were super pumped. When we finished we looked back at how far we went. I’ll just say that we could no longer see our car anymore. It was so small. We lost track of time and just put in work. It was one of the most successful days I've had as a missionary so far. We smashed that street. We were so pumped after wards. Just that day alone has filled our week with stuff to do and people to visit. We are slammed this week. Like to the point where we won’t be able to get everything done because there just isn't enough time to fit it all in. Me and my companion are starting to get along really well now. Things are overall really great. I had a sweet experience driving to church yesterday. As we were driving, the spirit came out of no where and just hit me as I was driving. I almost started to cry, that's how powerful it was. I realized how important the Sabbath day actually is and how great it is to partake of the sacrament. It was so weird but it was so cool. That was something cool that happened. That's all I have for this week! Love ya! 

Elder Shannon

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