Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Transfer Week


So this past week was pretty busy. It was transfer week. Transfer week is always busy so we didn't get to have really anytime to proselyte in our area for the first few days of the week. The week started off pretty good on Tuesday. We were expecting to get transfer news that day sometime in the afternoon. I predicted that we were going to lose 3 sisters from our district and get 3 new ones. So basically get a brand new district. But earlier that morning we had district meeting. It was a mean district meeting. We normally have assigned topics for district meetings but I just said screw it, we are doing something else. Our district has been struggling heaps lately. The work has been super slow for all of us and I could tell that the missionaries were getting down on themselves for it. I decided to focus on getting them motivated to keep on pressing on with the work no matter what. So I showed them a video called "The Atonement and Missionary work. It is probably the most motivational video I have ever seen. It brought tears to  me eyes hard out the first time I saw it. Its about a 10 minute long video but it is so awesome! After I played it in district meeting everyone was crying. I was crying, the sisters were crying, the senior couple was crying, my companion was crying. EVERYONE WAS CRYING! Hah but it basically turned into a testimony meeting the whole time and it was honestly one of the most spiritual experiences I have ever had. It made it even more sad because I figured some of the sisters would be getting transferred so it turned into a testimony meeting for everyone. So that was awesome. 

Later that day we got transfer news. My companion and I are staying and 3 of the sisters left. So it was pretty sad when I found out they were leaving because they were all so awesome. Haha it was funny I used the excuse of the sisters getting transferred to shout me lunch for the last time. So I got free lunches of whatever I wanted. I know, I’m a terrible district leader. Later Tuesday night, the stake provided a Christmas dinner for all the missionaries in the zone so that was really fun. 

Tuesday was pretty busy and then on Wednesday we were driving all over the place running last minute errands the day before transfers so we didn't get to do any proselyting than either. Thursday was transfer meeting all the way down in Auckland. Said goodbye to some great missionaries and said hello to the new. Also that was the day I got all of my mail which I was so stoked for. And than the weekend ended pretty normal. Friday and Saturday were regular days for us. Sunday we finalized our Christmas day plans with the members. We have several meal appointments which I am so pumped for. We just get to hang out with members all day. I cant Wait!. 

I have yet to open up my packages because I am waiting to open them on Christmas. Its weird having it be a hot Christmas. No snow. Just humidity and heat. Christmas is celebrated the same here except they open presents in the morning the go to the beach in the afternoon. That to me sounds like a great Christmas. But all is well on this side of the earth. Time just keeps flying by. Almost been out 6 months now. Crazy!!! Oh and I totally forgot. But on Wednesday, we attended one of the coolest baptisms ever! It was the zone leaders baptism and the lady they were going to baptize wanted to do it in the ocean so they did it there haha it was so cool! And the other cool thing about it was that on of the ladies daughters who was 10 sat in all of the lessons decided she wanted to get baptized with her mom as well. So it was so cool. I was so jealous of them. 

Thats all I have for this week. Here are some pictures from the past week.

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