Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, January 31, 2016

From the Ghetto to the Country to the City

Malo lelei 

What a heck of a week I have had. On Monday the Zone leaders told all of the Elders not to make any plans that night because they wanted to have an FHE with everyone because transfers were coming up. So we went to the park and played some football. Thats right, it’s the first time I have played football in ages! That was really fun. Then we had a massive feed and after that we had a lesson and played some games. 

The zone leaders got transfer news in the middle of the FHE and they were gonna wait until the end to tell us. Anyways when we got to the end they finally told us where some of us were were getting transferred. I was anxiously waiting for my name to get called. They announced mine last. I got transferred to Waterview!!! The city! I was so pumped! They just recently combined our area with the zone leaders area. The zone leaders are the only ones who cover the city but now we get to cover it as well. I am so happy. I have served about everywhere even though this is my 3rd area. But I have seen all 3 sides of the mission. 

My companion is Elder Fermanis. He is Maori and from New Zealand. HE is the man. He’s a crack up! haha. Our chapel is in the city which is super cool. There are some big buildings around it and then there is a little chapel between them all. 

Tuesday I spent basically the whole day packing so not much happened that day. 

Wednesday I got on a 3 hour bus ride to the city. Got to my area around 2 o'clock. Met my companion and he started to show me around. Everyone is this area is rich! We are supposed to have a car but they got in a car accident the day before transfers and so we have to wait till they fix it. It’s hard to go out and work because our area is pretty big. But its algoodz. We do as much as we can. We had a baptism this Saturday which was cool. 

But the best part of the week was on Saturday. Elder D. Todd Christopherson came and spoke to us which was so cool! The Hamilton mission came as well and we had a massive mission conference. We got to shake his hand along with the area presidency and that was really cool. After that we had to go to the chapel to set everything up for the baptism. The Zone leaders also had a baptism so we combined them so we spent the next few hours putting everything together. It was a mean baptism. Everything worked out the way it was supposed to. After the baptism we went to Wendy's to celebrate one of the most spiritual days of my life! It was such a cool day. Its hard to describe it all it was just that good.

So this week has just been amazing. My district is all Elders which is so much better than sister to tbh (to be honest). I have a set of Tongan and Samoan Elders. And they are on to it so it makes my job easier. My missionary tan is coming along quite nice. The farmers tan along with the watch tan line haha. That one is really bad. But freak. It is so hot here. Like it is unreal. Air condition is super expensive and no one has it so its just hot every where you go. Our flat is like a sauna when we come home every night. It’s terrible. I will stand outside for 15 minutes and I will be dripping in sweat. Its so bad. Its really good to be back in the city again. I missed islanders for the last 4 and a half months. I forgot how much they feed us. Every time we go over to a members house they will feed you regardless if you ate or not and it’s offensive if you don’t eat. The struggle is real haha. But I love it. My companion is sweet and so is our area. Freak I just can’t get over how good of a week it was. That’s all for this week. Love ya!

Ofa Atu

Elder Shannon

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