Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, January 24, 2016

It's All About The Attitude

Kia Ora 

This past week has been so great. My companion and I smashed it this week. On Tuesday we were able catch some less actives we haven't seen in ages. We caught up with them and one of them was telling us some sweet experiences they had over Christmas. His name was Ruki and just before Christmas day his lung collapsed and he had to go to the hospital and he wasn't expecting to live from it. He actually died for about 4 minutes. While he was dead (I feel weird saying that) anyways he had a dream that he saw his family and he went on about how it all signified that he wasn't supposed to leave this earth and stuff. It was so cool, one of the more spiritual moments I've had on the mission. He told us heaps more that would take ages to explain and it was so cool because it was a testimony builder for him. He has had some WoW problems but he is wanting to stop and come back to church and change things which was so cool to hear him say that. His testimony was so strong to and the spirit that I felt when we were with him was incredible. 
After that visit we went to another less actives house and we were finally able to catch them home after a month and a half. They are probably one of my favorite families I've ever visited. The wife is wanting to come back too but the husband is not. We are trying to work with him but he is currently in a gang and is getting paid bank for it because he basically beats people up. They are a way cool family. They used to go to the temple regularly and so they have a super good knowledge of the gospel and so we go over and discuss doctrine with them so its really cool. 
Thursday was also another great day. We had 12 referrals that we were given by our branch president and we went out and contacted 5 of them. We got 1 new investigator out of it so we were pretty pumped about that. And overall, that day was just good because we worked dang hard that day and we felt very pleased with the work we did that day. 
While we were doing weekly planning we were reflecting back on the week and started to wonder why those days were so good. We realized that our attitude was what changed it. From the moment we woke up those 2 days, everything just fell into place. So we have made it a goal for us to wake up every morning with a positive attitude towards everything because it really does effect everything about the day. That is something I can definitely improve on when I wake up in the mornings. 
We find out about transfers later tonight and so I am anxious about that because I think I am getting transferred. For my birthday we had a celebration after the missionary devotional on Friday and it was also one of the zone leaders b day as well. So after the devotional the zone got together and made us cakes and cookies so that was cool. I have pictures but I will send those pictures next week due to the lack of time I have. I won’t get my package till transfers on Wednesday. 
As of late the mission has been pretty disobedient. There have been several emergency transfers over the past few weeks. Luckily I am away from all of that. It’s sad to hear stuff like that because they should no better and remember why they came out here. I don’t want to judge or anything but thats just how it is. I have seen the blessings from being obedient because when you aren’t you are for giving up certain blessings and I certainly don’t want to miss out on those. Thats all I have time for. 
Love you!!!!

Elder Shannon      

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