Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Monday, January 4, 2016

New Years in NZ


This week as been a solid week. We still had heaps of less actives and investigators out of town so its still pretty frustrating to work around that. We had a hard working week this week and it's crazy how the Lord places people in your path for us to work with. We were at a fish & chips shop on Tuesday getting lunch. As we were waiting a lady walks in and asks us what church we belong to. We said the "Mormon church", because people have know idea what you mean when you say LDS. So she told us that she was baptized a couple years back. We were talking to her for a little bit and than we asked her if we could stop by some time to visit with her some more. It's been super cool because we have had more situations like that which have been cool. The Lord blesses us with people to work with when we are obedient and all we want to do is share the gospel with as many people as we can. The cool thing is, is that lady we met at the fish & chips shop had kids to who aren't baptized so that also opens the door for new investigators as well. We are just praying with faith that something will come of it. 

We had a zone training on Thursday which was mean. It was exactly what my companion and I were needing to hear and it was stuff that could help us in our area. So that was cool. Later that day after 6 pm, we weren't allowed to go proselyte because everyone was flipping wasted. Not to be rude or anything, but everyone was just having a party. So we met up with the zone leaders and had a little New Years celebration. We got sparkling cider to celebrate the new years with and they have corks in them. So we shook them up and popped the corks. We did this outside of course but it was so awesome. Hahah I never thought I would ever do that let alone on the mission. It was cool.

Then the next morning we wake up do our studies and everything, and we look out the window of our flat overlooking the a few shops and the main highway that runs past our house and it's raining pretty hard and traffic is backed up along the main road. We didn't think much of it at first and then 15 minutes later we look out the window again and we see the same cars that were there before. The highway is only one lane on each side so no one can turn around or get into a different lane. We were stuck in our flat for most of the day because we had no way of getting to our area. The weather was really bad all weekend. It rained for 4 days straight non stop. It was unreal the amount of rain we got. That really put a damper on our weekend. 

Its been super weird to have holidays out on the mission. It's different but I love it so much. And because it's the start of a new year I was able to set some personal goals for myself for this year that I am super pumped about. And you know what is cool about being a missionary, is that all of the things you learn that you would have never thought you would have learned. Like cool object lessons you can use for kids or new ways to teach lessons to different people to make them more fun and interesting. I just love it so much because I never would have thought about these things before the mission. 
Other than that all is pretty well here in NZ. Its hot and the air is very MOIST! I'm starting to get a wicked tan line from my watch and short sleeve shirts so that is cool. That's all I have. 
Love you heaps mom!

Elder Shannon

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