Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, February 28, 2016

It Has Been Rather MOIST!


This week has been awesome! On p-day last week after emails, we spent the day in the city just hanging out and went to the sky tower. It was pretty neat. We walked around checking everything out. I didn't have my camera on me so I didn't get any pictures and I was pretty bummed about that. 

Wednesday was pretty sweet. We went to visit one of potential families and see how they were doing. We went in their home and we showed them some Mormon messages and they loved it. They were so interested they wanted to see more so we told them we would do an FHE with them. That was pretty exciting. From that we got 4 new investigators.  So in total in the past 8 days we found 6 new investigators! Its been so awesome! It really has been a miracle that this has all happened for us. Everyone that has previously served in this zone said it was a dead area because everyone is rich as and no one wants to listen to ya. So we have been able to witness miracles this past week. It’s been really cool.  

On Friday we had another miracle. We went to have a lesson with our recent convert and when we showed up to the house, one of our less actives we are working with, was there with one of his friends hanging out. We said hi and talked for a little bit and than invited them to sit in on the lesson if they wanted. About 5 minutes into the lesson they come in and sit down on the lesson. Then 20 minutes later, one of our recent converts friends come in, and she is a non member, and she also sat in… so there ended up being 4 other people there. It was so mean! Everyone was getting involved and asking questions. The spirit was so strong. Like when I bore my testimony at the end, I didn’t really know what to say. The next thing I know I’m talking and words are coming out. It was crazy! The words just came to me. It was such a cool lesson. My companion and I couldn't stop taking about it haha. 

Sunday was mean, Aussie and NZ all had a stake conference yesterday. It was a video conference with Quinton L Cook and the Area Presidency. It was pretty neat. They talked about what it really means to have faith and to trust in our Heavenly Father. 
I’m running low on time or else I would share some of my notes but it was really cool. 

Things are going really well. This weekend was so freaking humid. It was unreal. Every house we went into was terrible. Sleeping sucked. You can just feel the moisture latch on to you and you feel really gross. Every where we walked was just terrible. I take 3 showers a day just because I feel so gross all the time. I’m running low on time today though because its our zone p-day and we have other stuff to do so this email won’t have everything I’ve wanted to say so sorry. But all is well. I love you and I hope you get home safely. :) 

Elder Shannon 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

I Know Stuff

This week was a awesome week. A lot of good things happened. Tuesday was a mean day. We had district meeting and then after that I was able to go on trade offs with one of the Samoan Elders in their area and see how they are doing. It’s nice to actually go on trade offs instead of having to do comp studies like I did with the sisters. But now I can do trade offs. So that was really good. I had no idea what was happening because most of it was in Samoan but it was algoods. I am starting to pick up what they are talking about in a conversation but not specific words so thats pretty cool. 

What’s weird about being a district leader and being out this long, is that I know more than I think I do. If anyone has any questions or they need help with something  I have been able to have an answer for them when I would have thought I wouldn't. When I look back on the first 6 months of the mission, I have experienced the same situation others are in now and I’m able to use those experiences to help them. That’s something I never would have thought and I have always doubted myself in that part of being a district leader. But now I am more confident when I give out advice to others. That’s something I was able to learn this past week when I went on trade offs. 
Thursday was a mean day as well. We went on trade offs with the zone leaders for a few hours and while on trade offs we were able to teach a English with the Chinese missionaries and their investigators and that was really fun. It made me feel really smart with my English. Then Some how the 2 people I was helping started to ask me about prayer and what the purpose of it is. I told them what it is and how we do it and that as we pray, and are faithful with that prayer, we will receive blessings from it and our prayers will be answered. It was a really cool experience. 
After that while still on our short trade off we got to meet with one of the zone leaders investigators and teach her a lesson. The zone leaders have been thinking of dropping her because she is not able to understand anything that we teach even when we are in Gospel Principles class. The lesson we had with her we talked about God and having faith. This is the area where she has struggled the most in trying to understand. But this lesson, she understood almost everything we said and she expressed to us the feeling she was having and than felt that God wants her to do something new in her life and we talked about her joining the church and how that could be what God is telling her to do and through that she can do much more. The spirit was so strong in that lesson and it was unreal that she understood everything we said…A miracle you could say. Things just changed for her at that moment. That was an awesome experience this week. 
The next morning we had a specialized training with a few other zones and President spoke to us along with the assistants. It was pretty cool. We talked about the doctrine of repentance and how we really need to teach repentance more and that was a really cool discussion we had. The next day me and Elder Fermanis were able to teach repentance  to our recent convert and it was a mean discussion on repentance with her.  The spirit was so strong there. 
Man the spirit was real this week. It was so freaking cool! There were many others but I don’t have time to explain all of them. Another one was some potential investigators we went to visit Friday night. They are an Indian family and we were going over to see the parents. One of our members were able to get them a Book of Mormon and so we were able to follow up with them on that. And again, the spirit was so strong. They asked us what separates us from other church’s and we started talking a little bit about the restoration and it got to them. They loved it! So now they are our 2 new investigators and really want to learn more. We are going to set them for baptism this Wednesday and hopefully that goes well. 

My companion and I started a sick work out plan that we can do in our flat because we aren’t aloud to go to gyms so we have to come up with our own stuff. We also play touch some mornings and we count that for our running haha. But we get paid $140 every 2 weeks. We still don’t have a car yet. I’m working with the mission office trying to get one. There are 3 or 4 white guys in the zone so its pretty good. But I have really come to love islanders more than white people hahah. Other than that though the week has been pretty good! It was an awesome week! Love you and miss ya!

Elder Shannon

The District

A rock

Sunday, February 14, 2016


Malo su fua

This week has been just an average week. I hit 200 days on the mission this Friday. So that just tells you how fast time has gone. But this week was alright. 
Tuesday I had my first district meeting with my new district and it was mean. Its nice not having sisters in my district because I was honestly getting pretty annoyed with them. My district is cool. We came up with a district name and its mean. Its "Toa-o-le-wai" it means "Warriors of the Water". We based it off the nickname of our zone which is the water nation zone. Each zone in the mission has a nick name based off the original name and the zone leaders usually choose it. It’s something that just adds some fun to the mission. Our district name is Tongan, Samoan, and Maori mixed which is pretty cool. That’s where the name comes from. Tomorrow I will get a picture of my district and I will have it for next week. 
Tuesday night was pretty mean. So they just recently combined our ward with the zone leaders ward and we are now one ward. New callings were made and we had to come up with a ward mission plan with our bishop and ward mission leader. It was the coolest MCM I have had on the mission so far. We set goals for the year and how we were going to accomplish them. Our Bishop is really onto it and is pushing the members to do the work which is sweet. The bishop and ward mission leader said they would get our emails before we get transferred and they would email us on how the ward did for the year on the goals. It was such a good meeting! My companion and I walked put of the meeting super pumped and wanted to do everything in our power to help accomplish there goals. This next Sunday our bishop will announce it in front of the ward. So we are super excited for missionary work in our area. 
My companion and I started an intense work out plan for this transfer and we are hoping to get jacked!!! Haha not really, we just want to stay in shape because we are getting fat. We are still getting fed heaps. Our fridge is full of left over food from members. Maintaining my wait is hard but I’m trying - haha. 
Right now me and Elder Fermanis are really trying to work on expanding our teaching pool and we have got a few referrals and we are pumped about that. We have a family we are going to see tonight and hopefully count them as a new investigator at the end of the night. We are also working with our recent convert that got baptized a few weeks ago and she is awesome. We had a lesson with her and we just read some of the book of Mormon with her and we helped her on how she can understand it better. We told her to just personalize the versus or chapters to her self and her life. After we told her that she got really excited and wanted to keep reading haha it was really cool. 
On Sunday in our gospel principals class one of the zone leaders investigators asked a question and Esther our recent convert comes out of now where and answers the question! It was mean! She shared with them her experienced and totally helped them understand. It was so freaking cool. I wanted to walk out of the room and scream with joy! I was so pumped haha. Also on Sunday my district came to our sacrament meeting and we all sung the love is spoken here medley and it was so awesome. We smashed it. The whole ward loved it. I wish I could have gotten it on video because it was mean. Nothing to insane happened. 
That’s all I have for this week! Love ya!

Elder Shannon  

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Day or Night, Rain or Snow

Malo lelei

This week has been Wonderful! Its been nice to have a full week of proselyting in my new area. The work is so different in Auckland than it is in the north. The days are full of people to visit and to teach. I taught more lessons this past week than I did when I was up north in Kaikohe. It really does suck though because we don't have car so we aren't able to visit everyone we want. We have to ask the zone leaders to give us a ride to and from our flat. We are anxiously waiting to get our car back or at least a new one. We have been doing heaps of walking and with the heat and humidity makes it so much harder. It sucks when it rains because when it rains, it pours and doesn't stop. But other than that its alright haha! 

Right now we have no one in our teaching pool but we have received some referrals and have some potentials that we are waiting to get in contact with so hopefully we can change that this week. This past week I have been working on getting to know the missionaries in my district and gaining trust for one another. It has been really awesome. The islander missionaries are just so easy to get along with and its been really cool because I have been able to spend some time with them and get to know them. We are starting to get along really well. I hope the chemistry of the district gets better because that would make life so much easier for me. 

This weekend it was very wet. Very MOIST! 😉 We were out walking around at a park trying to find some people to talk with and while we were out and about preaching the gospel, a light rain started to come down from above, next minute it starts to pour and my companion and I had no choice but to keep going because we were nowhere near our flat and everyone was busy so the couldn't give us a ride. We were dripping wet. The good thing though is because of the heat we dried off pretty quick. I got several rain drops on my name tag and every missionary should know what that means. My wife is going to be SO BEAUTIFUL!!! haha. So that's me being positive when it rains. 

Being back in civilization is so nice. Just being around people all the time and having a wide variety of people to talk to is so nice. I love it. Some of the people are rich and are pretty stuck up so that makes it kinda hard. Fun fact, Lordes the musician lives somewhere in our area. So that was something I learned this week. My companion and I are getting along really well. He isn't super trunky at all which is good. It makes my life easier. 

There are a good amount of white people around so I don't feel weird being white haha. The only thing that bothers me is when I say I’m from Utah and the people just say "Oh another one". They don't mean for it to be rude, it just gets pretty annoying. But its algoods. 

Church is awesome. Its nice to be back with a larger ward. Also something really cool. One of the former missionaries who was an AP my first 2 transfers, plays for a professional rugby team in Australia and he is super good. Anyways they have a tournament in Auckland and on Sunday he came to our ward for Sacrament meeting. That was really cool that he would find time out of his busy day to come to church. This morning our ward had a picnic at the park because it’s a holiday so everyone had the day of and we had a massive feed. We had some fun playing games and just involving ourselves in the ward. Thats pretty much my week. 

Before I end, in my personal study I was reading in Mormon ch.9 and its probably one of the best chapters you can share with a less active and it will kick there butt! It’s mean. I don't have time to explain but if you get the chance you should read it and study it because it was mean. 
Thats all for me though. Love ya!

Elder Shannon