Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Day or Night, Rain or Snow

Malo lelei

This week has been Wonderful! Its been nice to have a full week of proselyting in my new area. The work is so different in Auckland than it is in the north. The days are full of people to visit and to teach. I taught more lessons this past week than I did when I was up north in Kaikohe. It really does suck though because we don't have car so we aren't able to visit everyone we want. We have to ask the zone leaders to give us a ride to and from our flat. We are anxiously waiting to get our car back or at least a new one. We have been doing heaps of walking and with the heat and humidity makes it so much harder. It sucks when it rains because when it rains, it pours and doesn't stop. But other than that its alright haha! 

Right now we have no one in our teaching pool but we have received some referrals and have some potentials that we are waiting to get in contact with so hopefully we can change that this week. This past week I have been working on getting to know the missionaries in my district and gaining trust for one another. It has been really awesome. The islander missionaries are just so easy to get along with and its been really cool because I have been able to spend some time with them and get to know them. We are starting to get along really well. I hope the chemistry of the district gets better because that would make life so much easier for me. 

This weekend it was very wet. Very MOIST! 😉 We were out walking around at a park trying to find some people to talk with and while we were out and about preaching the gospel, a light rain started to come down from above, next minute it starts to pour and my companion and I had no choice but to keep going because we were nowhere near our flat and everyone was busy so the couldn't give us a ride. We were dripping wet. The good thing though is because of the heat we dried off pretty quick. I got several rain drops on my name tag and every missionary should know what that means. My wife is going to be SO BEAUTIFUL!!! haha. So that's me being positive when it rains. 

Being back in civilization is so nice. Just being around people all the time and having a wide variety of people to talk to is so nice. I love it. Some of the people are rich and are pretty stuck up so that makes it kinda hard. Fun fact, Lordes the musician lives somewhere in our area. So that was something I learned this week. My companion and I are getting along really well. He isn't super trunky at all which is good. It makes my life easier. 

There are a good amount of white people around so I don't feel weird being white haha. The only thing that bothers me is when I say I’m from Utah and the people just say "Oh another one". They don't mean for it to be rude, it just gets pretty annoying. But its algoods. 

Church is awesome. Its nice to be back with a larger ward. Also something really cool. One of the former missionaries who was an AP my first 2 transfers, plays for a professional rugby team in Australia and he is super good. Anyways they have a tournament in Auckland and on Sunday he came to our ward for Sacrament meeting. That was really cool that he would find time out of his busy day to come to church. This morning our ward had a picnic at the park because it’s a holiday so everyone had the day of and we had a massive feed. We had some fun playing games and just involving ourselves in the ward. Thats pretty much my week. 

Before I end, in my personal study I was reading in Mormon ch.9 and its probably one of the best chapters you can share with a less active and it will kick there butt! It’s mean. I don't have time to explain but if you get the chance you should read it and study it because it was mean. 
Thats all for me though. Love ya!

Elder Shannon

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