Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

I Know Stuff

This week was a awesome week. A lot of good things happened. Tuesday was a mean day. We had district meeting and then after that I was able to go on trade offs with one of the Samoan Elders in their area and see how they are doing. It’s nice to actually go on trade offs instead of having to do comp studies like I did with the sisters. But now I can do trade offs. So that was really good. I had no idea what was happening because most of it was in Samoan but it was algoods. I am starting to pick up what they are talking about in a conversation but not specific words so thats pretty cool. 

What’s weird about being a district leader and being out this long, is that I know more than I think I do. If anyone has any questions or they need help with something  I have been able to have an answer for them when I would have thought I wouldn't. When I look back on the first 6 months of the mission, I have experienced the same situation others are in now and I’m able to use those experiences to help them. That’s something I never would have thought and I have always doubted myself in that part of being a district leader. But now I am more confident when I give out advice to others. That’s something I was able to learn this past week when I went on trade offs. 
Thursday was a mean day as well. We went on trade offs with the zone leaders for a few hours and while on trade offs we were able to teach a English with the Chinese missionaries and their investigators and that was really fun. It made me feel really smart with my English. Then Some how the 2 people I was helping started to ask me about prayer and what the purpose of it is. I told them what it is and how we do it and that as we pray, and are faithful with that prayer, we will receive blessings from it and our prayers will be answered. It was a really cool experience. 
After that while still on our short trade off we got to meet with one of the zone leaders investigators and teach her a lesson. The zone leaders have been thinking of dropping her because she is not able to understand anything that we teach even when we are in Gospel Principles class. The lesson we had with her we talked about God and having faith. This is the area where she has struggled the most in trying to understand. But this lesson, she understood almost everything we said and she expressed to us the feeling she was having and than felt that God wants her to do something new in her life and we talked about her joining the church and how that could be what God is telling her to do and through that she can do much more. The spirit was so strong in that lesson and it was unreal that she understood everything we said…A miracle you could say. Things just changed for her at that moment. That was an awesome experience this week. 
The next morning we had a specialized training with a few other zones and President spoke to us along with the assistants. It was pretty cool. We talked about the doctrine of repentance and how we really need to teach repentance more and that was a really cool discussion we had. The next day me and Elder Fermanis were able to teach repentance  to our recent convert and it was a mean discussion on repentance with her.  The spirit was so strong there. 
Man the spirit was real this week. It was so freaking cool! There were many others but I don’t have time to explain all of them. Another one was some potential investigators we went to visit Friday night. They are an Indian family and we were going over to see the parents. One of our members were able to get them a Book of Mormon and so we were able to follow up with them on that. And again, the spirit was so strong. They asked us what separates us from other church’s and we started talking a little bit about the restoration and it got to them. They loved it! So now they are our 2 new investigators and really want to learn more. We are going to set them for baptism this Wednesday and hopefully that goes well. 

My companion and I started a sick work out plan that we can do in our flat because we aren’t aloud to go to gyms so we have to come up with our own stuff. We also play touch some mornings and we count that for our running haha. But we get paid $140 every 2 weeks. We still don’t have a car yet. I’m working with the mission office trying to get one. There are 3 or 4 white guys in the zone so its pretty good. But I have really come to love islanders more than white people hahah. Other than that though the week has been pretty good! It was an awesome week! Love you and miss ya!

Elder Shannon

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