Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, February 14, 2016


Malo su fua

This week has been just an average week. I hit 200 days on the mission this Friday. So that just tells you how fast time has gone. But this week was alright. 
Tuesday I had my first district meeting with my new district and it was mean. Its nice not having sisters in my district because I was honestly getting pretty annoyed with them. My district is cool. We came up with a district name and its mean. Its "Toa-o-le-wai" it means "Warriors of the Water". We based it off the nickname of our zone which is the water nation zone. Each zone in the mission has a nick name based off the original name and the zone leaders usually choose it. It’s something that just adds some fun to the mission. Our district name is Tongan, Samoan, and Maori mixed which is pretty cool. That’s where the name comes from. Tomorrow I will get a picture of my district and I will have it for next week. 
Tuesday night was pretty mean. So they just recently combined our ward with the zone leaders ward and we are now one ward. New callings were made and we had to come up with a ward mission plan with our bishop and ward mission leader. It was the coolest MCM I have had on the mission so far. We set goals for the year and how we were going to accomplish them. Our Bishop is really onto it and is pushing the members to do the work which is sweet. The bishop and ward mission leader said they would get our emails before we get transferred and they would email us on how the ward did for the year on the goals. It was such a good meeting! My companion and I walked put of the meeting super pumped and wanted to do everything in our power to help accomplish there goals. This next Sunday our bishop will announce it in front of the ward. So we are super excited for missionary work in our area. 
My companion and I started an intense work out plan for this transfer and we are hoping to get jacked!!! Haha not really, we just want to stay in shape because we are getting fat. We are still getting fed heaps. Our fridge is full of left over food from members. Maintaining my wait is hard but I’m trying - haha. 
Right now me and Elder Fermanis are really trying to work on expanding our teaching pool and we have got a few referrals and we are pumped about that. We have a family we are going to see tonight and hopefully count them as a new investigator at the end of the night. We are also working with our recent convert that got baptized a few weeks ago and she is awesome. We had a lesson with her and we just read some of the book of Mormon with her and we helped her on how she can understand it better. We told her to just personalize the versus or chapters to her self and her life. After we told her that she got really excited and wanted to keep reading haha it was really cool. 
On Sunday in our gospel principals class one of the zone leaders investigators asked a question and Esther our recent convert comes out of now where and answers the question! It was mean! She shared with them her experienced and totally helped them understand. It was so freaking cool. I wanted to walk out of the room and scream with joy! I was so pumped haha. Also on Sunday my district came to our sacrament meeting and we all sung the love is spoken here medley and it was so awesome. We smashed it. The whole ward loved it. I wish I could have gotten it on video because it was mean. Nothing to insane happened. 
That’s all I have for this week! Love ya!

Elder Shannon  

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