Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Anyways...There's this Family...

Malo suifua 

What a great week this last week was. Monday after we emailed, we had our zone p-day and we had a massive nerf war at our chapel. Our chapel is 2 stories so it was really fun. We played capture the flag, last man standing and heaps of other games! It was one of the funnest p-days yet. 
Missionary work this past week has been so good! We have gotten 3 referrals this week and we are hoping to add them to our teaching pool this next week. It’s crazy to see all of the miracles that can happen if you remain faithful and desire to really help the people out. The Lord blesses you with people to preach the gospel to. 

Anyways, there's this family, we were supposed to have an FHE with them last Tuesday, but they had to move it to Thursday. We went over and we started off with dinner. After that we had our lesson, We showed them a video of our Mission Haka that some of the Elders did and that really got the kids. They are a Maori family and so they really enjoyed it. After that we shared a few mormon messages with the family and talked about them afterwards. The family really enjoyed it. The kids loved the videos and the message it had. The whole time the spirit was there. It wasn’t that, emotional deep feeling you get when you feel the spirit, it was that fun loving spirit that provided us with the laughs and the good conversations. That is something I have learned about the spirit. It has its different personalities like we do. I just loved it. 

Afterwards the family expressed to us how grateful they were that we come over every week. They said their kids look forward to us coming over and teaching them something new. And that’s when I feel in-love with this family. They are so cool and all I want is to see them dressed in white sometime in the future. They just make me happy because they are a really young family and they are like the perfect family. All they need is the gospel. We told them we had transfers next week and we also told them that my companion might get transferred because he has been in this area for ages. That made it even more sad and you could just feel the love because our relationship with the family is awesome. My companion and I are both crossing our fingers hoping he doesn't get transferred. 

Sunday was a pretty interesting day. After church the Tongan Elders invited us to their dinner at 2. The reason it’s dinner is because it was Fast Sunday and when you serve in the language program here, they have dinner really early and feed you heaps! I have never eaten more food in my life. I had horse for the second time and it was just incredible. It was so good.  Two hours later the zone leaders invited us to their dinner appointment as well which really just put me off for the rest of the day. I could no longer talk about food because of the amount I ate. Thinking about food got me sick. It was miserable. 

My personal study has been good this week. I finished the Book Of Mormon and I started D&C this last week. It is the first time I am reading it and truly studying it. It takes me almost an hour to read 2 sections because of everything it contains. So much doctrine is in there and I am always taking notes from it and it takes a while but I love it.

Anyways, this week is transfer week and I am expecting a new companion because my companion has been here for a while now. We will find out later tonight about it so that will be interesting. Hopefully we get a car this week as well. We should be getting one because our area is too big not to have a car. This week will be interesting on what happens. This last transfer went by way to fast. The mission just gets faster and faster. Anyways, that’s all I have for this week. Love ya! 

Elder Shannon

Nerf War with Zone

Zone Leader from First Area

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