Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Auckland City Limits


This past week has been a very busy week. There were so many different events and meetings that took place. Nothing super exciting happened on Tuesday. It was a pretty normal day. One of the zone leaders was a Visa waiter waiting to go to Arizona where he was originally called to serve, he left Tuesday night and we said goodbye to him which was pretty sad. 

Wednesday we had zone conference. It was a total of 3 zones combined. President rebuked us all in the most loving way! The way he corrects missionaries is incredible. He does it with so much love and is willing to give missionaries a second chance. The whole conference was about keeping the mission schedule and making sure we are following that schedule every day. Apparently it’s a big struggle throughout the mission right now. So it was pretty interesting. I was able to learn heaps and apply it second half of the week. That’s the cool thing about being on the mission is you continue to learn more every single day even when you think you have it all down. You later realize that you don't. T

Thursday was a pretty fun day. There is this really busy street that borders the zone leaders area where there is always heaps of people. My companion and I decided to go there and try to talk with some people up there. We didn't know that it was St Patrick’s day that day so there were some really strange people getting drunk at 3 in the afternoon haha. It was crack up. We had 3 drunk people talk to us outside a bar and It was a funny conversation. They were just wasted and it was kinda pointless to talk to them but we decided to make the most of it and continue to talk to them for a few minutes. We left that conversation cracking up about what was said. I won’t say what they said because it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to share right now. Maybe when I finish I will tell. So that was fun. 

We had a little trade off with the zl’s after dinner. I went with Elder Lee into the city to try and talk with some people there. That was solid. Street contacting is so much fun! I love it so much because you run into some weird people and hear crazy stories. We did that for about an hour and than we got to teach an English class which is always fun. That’s how we ended our night. 

The weekend was really solid for us. It was ward conference weekend and we had a few events going on to help with missionary work. Friday night there was a dance that we were unable to attend for obvious reasons. Saturday was the golden day. We were going to have a chapel tour for investigators and for anyone that wanted to come. We had an appointment with one of our investigators that day at 5 and it was going to interfere with the chapel tour and we had to go to the chapel tour because we were part of it. So we instead invited them to the chapel tour hoping they would be interested in coming. They said they would love to come. The only problem was that they didn’t have a ride and the members that fellowship them were out of town so we were scrambling to find someone else to give them a ride. We were able finally find some one to give them a ride an hour before it was supposed to start. But the tour was mean. All the ward auxiliaries had booths set up through out the chapel and they were able to introduce that part of the church which was super cool. We also had heaps of less actives that came which made my freaking day! We had an awesome turn out and It put such a big smile on my face. 

After the chapel tour we had a massive feed. The ward roasted 2 whole pigs which was mean. I love islander’s feeds so much. They always go all out on them. So it was great day for us. 
Also Kendrick Lamar had a concert that same night. They had a giant music festival that went all day and we rode past it on our bikes and it made me really want to go! haha it went all day and they even blocked off all the roads around it. It was pretty hectic trying to go around it all. But I just find it cool that Kendrick Lamar was in our area haha. We saw his limo a few times through out the week which was pretty cool. 

Every thing is still going well. I have been stressing about a companionship in my district because they aren't getting along and one of them is really struggling adjusting to being a Senior companion and he is in need of some help. So that’s going to be my focus this upcoming week. It will be stressful trying to figure it all out but I know I can do it. That’s all for this week! 

Love ya!

Elder Shannon

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