Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, March 27, 2016



First of all, HAPPY EASTER! What a great time it is to reflect on our Saviour Jesus Christ and his resurrection. In church on Sunday during the sacrament, I was able to think about how crazy it is that we have someone who has saved us, given us a sense of direction in this life! It’s comforting to know that someone has atoned for our sins and has set an example for us to follow. He has trail blazed a path for us to return to our Heavenly Father. Through him and only him can we be saved! He is essential to everything we do in this life and as we continue to use the atonement every day we can become better. And I personally believe that sin won’t keep us from returning to our Heavenly Father, It is doubt. It ultimately comes down to our faith. Our sins have already been accounted for as long as we use the Atonement. We need to press forward with faith and keep God 1st. Anyways those are my thoughts from yesterday. It was a really spiritual day for me at church and I just loved it! 

This past week was so so slow for us. We discussed in weekly planning to go through the ward list and try and contact all of the people we didn't know. We had heaps of people to go see but they were either gone or just didn't want to answer their door. It was so frustrating because we had all these plans to visit these people but it didn't really work out. So we did that on Tuesday. 

Because the people we tried to visit weren't home, we decided to visit the same people on Wednesday. Still nothing changed for us. The week just seemed to repeat its self over and over again and on top of that biking every where sucked. Our area has lots of hills and biking up them every day sucks. But on the positive side my legs are starting to gain some of the muscle I had lost from being in a car my last area. So that's positive. My companion Elder frew and I are so sore right now. 

All of our investigators so busy we haven't been able to catch them and that has also been frustrating. Spiritually I have struggled this week just from it being so rough. It has been one of the harder weeks of the mission so far. I just feel like there is more I can be doing but I don't know what it is and its been bothering me all week. In my studies this week that's what I'm going to be focusing on and hopefully I can get some answers. 

Is funny that whenever we are struggling or just need a short break, we go to McDonald's and grab a frozen coke because they are only a dollar here! So we get like 10 a week haha. I keep track of how many I get and use it as a key indicator just because its fun. We like to compete to see who can get more frozen cokes throughout the week in my district. It adds some fun to the work and gives us something to laugh about when the work gets hard. The islanders love there frozen cokes so that's why I do it. (:  But yeah, the week has been really slow for us. This next week we are hoping to pick it up. 

Our bishop and his family found a family that we can hopefully start teaching. We have a FHE with them tonight at our bishops house so we are excited for that. Oh I also went on trade offs with the Samoan Elders this week and that was alright. They cover the whole stake and they are on bikes so we had to do heaps of biking when I was with them. It was pretty solid. I was able to meet some of their investigators which was much needed cause both missionaries have 6 months worth of experience combined. So I was able to help them with their investigators and teaching. 

Easter is the same here as it is in America. Nothing too different. Something else that has been pretty frustrating is the other district leader in the zone is really sick and has been the past 6 weeks and the zone leaders are starting to annoy me because they aren't doing their part and the other district is getting pretty frustrated with them.  I asked if I could deal with them to see if I could help. It was affecting the unity in the zone and it was annoying me so I took over. Its been pretty stressful lately. Hopefully things will cool down a little bit this week and I can stay focused. 

That’s all from this past week that I can think of. Love ya heaps and thanks for all of the love and support you give me. I appreciate it.

Elder Shannon  

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