Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Transfer Week

Malo Suifua 

Well, this week has been pretty great. For P-day, we went to the Sky Tower. It was honestly one of the coolest views of anything that I have seen in along while. You could see almost every area in our mission. It was so cool. We took heaps of pictures which I will send in a little bit. Later that night we got transfer news. My companion and I are both staying in the same area which is sweet. We are pretty pumped. 
Tuesday we had district meeting and it was pretty strange. We had to do it outside because they were painting the inside of the chapel. Luckily the weather was good that day but it was just weird to have it outside, haha. We spent most of the afternoon helping one of the other missionaries pack all of his stuff because he was getting transferred. One thing that I hate but also love about being the district leader is that you get so close with the missionaries you just wish you could serve with them your whole mission. So the reason I say that is the Elder that is getting transferred, we were both pretty close. His name is Elder Tangi. He is the man. He was a good example to me. I'm gonna miss the dude. Anyways, life goes on. 
Later that day we had an appointment with a less active family who hasn’t been to church in a long while. They have a testimony of the gospel. It’s just that they are too lazy to go to church. We shared a mormon message with them. It’s called "Hope of Gods Light." It’s a spiritually powerful video. It tells the story of how this guy was living the life he got depressed and some other stuff happened. He ended up wanting to know if God was real and it tells his story of how he came to find it out. I recommend that you watch it. We had a discussion afterwards and the Father of the family was almost in tears. We talked about the video and then how they can rebuild their testimonies back up. 
Elder Frew and I walked out and when we got to the car we were just so over whelmed on what had just happened. The spirit smashed them legit, it was like the Holy Ghost slapped them in the face. We were talking about the lesson and how it went. We shared the video and then talked about prayer, Scripture study and going to church. That was it, yet the spirit was so strong! It doesn't have to be something deep and profound for the spirit to be there. Being worthy of the companionship of the Holy Ghost and teaching simply will get the job done! (: It was such a testimony builder for me, so that was cool. 
Thursday we had to give our car to some other missionaries which sucked. But it’s algood cause the bikes are fun and my legs are getting pretty big…I can't complain. Plus I feel like a real missionary on bikes. 
Saturday was a pretty cool. We met up with this young couple in our ward. The husband is the Elders Quorum president and the wife is the primary president. They took us out to lunch and we talked to them to see if they wanted anyone we could visit and stuff like that. They paid $50 for lunch for just me and my companion. It was a solid lunch. But we are able to coordinate with them and are going to go around to all the ward auxiliaries and see how we can help. Bishop doesn't want us in ward council because they never accomplish anything so we visit them personally. We have found some good success that way. 

The work for us is going pretty slow as of right now. We have the investigators, it’s just hard to set up appointments with them because they are so busy with work and other stuff. It’s been pretty frustrating but we are hanging in there. It has just been pretty hard. Other than that, all is well. I am looking forward to this next transfer. It is time for us to capitalize on the work we have done now. 
You know what’s weird? Is we get to Skype in like 2 weeks! I’m so pumped. I feel like we Skyped just the other day haha. Anyways I love ya heaps! Have a good week!

Elder Shannon 

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Last Week of Transfers

Kia Ora!

I don't have to much to say this week. Not a whole lot happened towards the beginning of the week, but on Wednesday we had trade off with the zone leaders. I went into the city with Elder Kessinger. It was a really strange day. In the morning we had to take their car in to get it serviced. We thought it would only take an hour or so but when they had a look at it they said it was going to take about 6 hours. So we are left stranded with our bikes at the dealership which is a solid hour bike ride outside of the zone leaders area. We had to bike all the way to the city from there. 

We didn't have time to do much. We taught a lesson to one of the investigators and then by that time we had to bike back to pick up the car. When we get there they tell us that the car will have to stay over night because something else was wrong with the car. It was pretty frustrating because we didn't do much proselyting. By this time during the day we barely had time to bike to the city and finish off they day. It was really frustrating but we made the most of our trade off. 

On Friday, the whole mission had to get flu shots for the winter time which is coming up in the next few months. I know, it’s weird to have winter in May, June, and July haha. But thats how it is. So we took a little road trip to south Auckland and we got our flu shots. That took up about half of our day. 
After the flu shots we had dinner with one of our members who is Tongan. It was one of the biggest plates of food that I have ever seen! My companion Elder Frew and I were so full! There was so much food. And the thing with islanders is that they want you to finish the food on the plate. Let me tell you, it was quite the struggle. We were just smashed.

After our dinner we were supposed to have an appointment with one of our investigators who we have yet been able to start teaching. This was going to be our first teaching visit. In the middle of our dinner she texted us saying she was busy that night. We were pretty gutted when we found that out. So we went on with our night. Our ward was having a movie night that we invited our investigators to come with their kids and watch a movie. We got there and we were waiting for them to show up. They never ended up coming and we were just so frustrated and disappointed. We wish we could have tried to do more that night. It was a really bad night for us. 

Saturday however was pretty cool. One of our investigators named Kelly, her husband is less active and her daughter is a member. They invited us to come watch her husband play rugby. He is really good and it was a legit rugby game, not just recreational. Freak, it was mean. We watched him play and he was thrilled to have us there supporting him which was cool. 

Sunday is always a great! Church is always good. It rained heaps yesterday and I really like when it rains, I don't know why. Probably people let you in their houses more because they feel bad or something. But either way, I Like them. 

The investigator I was talking about when they didn’t come to the movie night, Well we went to visit them and we were finally able to catch the whole family home. They told us why they didn't come and all this other stuff. It’s been really cool to see how the Lord is slowly preparing them to except the gospel. The husband out of nowhere just decided to give up smoking.  Their sister who has been living with them has always been really negative around us and she has moved out of the house. So it’s a much better environment for us to be in which has been awesome to see! Seeing them and being able to visit with them was really good and made our whole day. 

Our area is pretty solid and there are heaps of people to teach…the problem is catching them at home. They are always working and just super busy. Last night my companion and  I started a fast last night to help us with the investigators we have and to get them progressing some how. We are really hoping for some good things to come of it. We are just getting frustrated with having all these investigators and not being able to catch up with them. This week should be a solid week. 
Oh and we also found out that one of the less actives we discovered used to be a Tall Black. Which is the National basketball team for New Zealand and he has his own tv show on Maori television which is really cool. 

Transfers are this week and my companion and I both think we are staying together in this area which I am really wanting to stay. But we will find out tonight. 
Thats all from this past week. Love ya heaps!

Elder Shannon

Sunday, April 10, 2016

My Week :)


This week has been such a great week. I have been on a spiritual high like this whole week! Last Monday we had zone p day and we went to the Auckland zoo which was pretty mean. After the Zoo we had a member in our ward feed us Mexican food that night and it was so great to have again. It’s been a long 8 months without it haha not really. (: 
Tuesday we had a lesson with a man named Pradeep. He is Indian fella and we taught him the restoration and it was sweet. He is keen to learn and he is so interested in religion ever since he came to NZ. So he is super cool. 
This past week we just really had solid visits with members and heaps of our less actives which just made our week so much better. We have this family that is investigating the church and I mentioned them in one of my emails ages ago but we were finally able top catch up with them and we were outside hanging out with there kids and one of them was teaching me tricks on a skate board and it was pretty sweet. Their family is one of those that the kids will do and try anything that sounds fun and hard to do. They are a mean family. 
The highlight of the week had to be General Conference. It was so good. Each session just got better and better. It was the coolest thing. I especially liked when they choir sang "Come Thou Fount" it made my freaking day and it gave me the chills hardcore. Russell M. Nelson Smashed everyone in the priesthood session which was so freaking cool. But it’s really sad to see President Monson only speak for like 3 minutes. He had some mean talks but it was just interesting. When Elder Holland ended general conference, that was such a good talk. "The great thing about the gospel is we get credit for trying." That was so cool. It’s hard to sum up my feelings in an email. I could just go on about conference. 
After conference was over we were just running off a spiritual high and wanted to preach the gospel to every living thing on the earth! We went out to visit some people who we have been trying to contact and we were successful. 
We went through our plans pretty fast that night and the spirit directed us where to go and we went to contact this guy that we have been trying to visit who is a less active. When he answered the door he was so happy to see missionaries. He said that missionaries have never came to his house to visit him in almost 20 years. He served a mission 26 years ago and he was telling us what the mission was like for him back in the days and we told him what is like now and he was so interested. He said he wanted to have us over for diner and we could go through preach my gospel with him. That’s our approach for now. And we think his wife might be a non member so that could be a new investigator possibly. 
So we were just going crazy last night because the week ended so well. We were so exhausted physically and spiritually haha it was crazy.  Things just came together this past week which was really good for us because things have been really frustrating for us the past few weeks. I don’t really have anything else to talk about. Finding is kinda hard because everyone in our area is rich and just love there money and the world to much to care what we have to say. We do get quite a few referrals which is sweet. But other than that its alright. 
Our week this week is pretty slammed so we are really excited. We also have trade offs with the zone leaders this week. I get to go into the city and proselyte which I am pretty pumped. Other than that, thats all I have for the week. Love ya tons!

Elder Shannon

Monday, April 4, 2016


Malo lele

This past week was really interesting. A lot of different things happened. Tuesday we found a new investigator, who used to be a former investigator, but missionaries haven't been over in ages to teach her. So we have an appointment with her tonight and we will begin to teach her. 
Later that night at around 10 pm we get a call from President Balli informing us that one of the missionaries in the zone, that has been sick for the last 6 weeks, will be going home tomorrow. My companion and I were shocked and felt so bad for the kid. He came out the transfer before me so he hasn't even been out a year yet. He will recover back home. President told us we had to help him and his companion pack. His companion was getting transferred somewhere else for the remainder of the transfer. We spent most of Wednesday with them helping them get everything ready. Then we had to take them to the mission office that day as well. We hardly got to proselyte in our area that day which kinda sucked. But we got there car!!!  We now have a car for the remainder of the transfer which is sweet because we have been needing one. So that was the bittersweet moment. 
We also had a YSA couple take us out to dinner which was sweet. The YSA in our ward are so cool. Thursday we had zone training which was awesome! We talked about being accountable to the Lord for our missions and we had a mean discussion about that. The rest of Thursday and Friday were some solid proselyting days for us. 
Saturday was a mean day. We had some people we had been wanting to try and contact and try to get in the homes and we were successful. It was such a relief because we have been trying all week to contact them. So that was awesome. We also have this member in our ward who married and islander and we went over to visit them and while we were there she said she would be feeding us on Monday. She asked me what food I miss most from america and straight away I said Mexican! She said she will make Mexican food for when we come over! I was so pumped. Its been to long since I have had Mexican food. 
Sunday was solid. Church was just good in general. Heaps of kids bore there testimonies and it was super cool and the ward loved it because normally that doesn't happen in this ward. The spirit was strong and everyone really enjoyed it. 
After the second hour of church, some random guy who is not in our ward started telling me about his conversion story and it was crazy. He said at a young age God told him that he would never die. He went on to tell me that he tried to kill himself several times. To be honest I think he was spitting a bunch of crap, but it just wasn't making sense and he wont on for another 10 minutes and I got really bored. Basically what the guy was saying is that he is the shiz and he made it sound like he was one of the 3 nephites. It was weird haha. 
We had dinner with bishop later that night and he was saying how that same guy came into his office asking to be the Elders Quorum President. So the dude was just weird. Oh I totally forgot what made Sunday so great. It was the end of daylight savings and we got an extra hour of sleep! I never thought an extra hour of sleep as a missionary would be so great! haha it made my whole entire day. 
Everything is pretty solid here in the southern hemisphere. The days are shorter and it is getting darker earlier. I felt like we should have gone back to the flat at 7 last night because I thought It was later (because of how dark it was). It will be weird getting used to especially being a missionary. It makes the days seem a little longer. Thats all I have for this week. I hate that I am missing Ryan’s senior year right now. Anyways…

Love ya heaps!

Elder Shannon