Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Monday, April 4, 2016


Malo lele

This past week was really interesting. A lot of different things happened. Tuesday we found a new investigator, who used to be a former investigator, but missionaries haven't been over in ages to teach her. So we have an appointment with her tonight and we will begin to teach her. 
Later that night at around 10 pm we get a call from President Balli informing us that one of the missionaries in the zone, that has been sick for the last 6 weeks, will be going home tomorrow. My companion and I were shocked and felt so bad for the kid. He came out the transfer before me so he hasn't even been out a year yet. He will recover back home. President told us we had to help him and his companion pack. His companion was getting transferred somewhere else for the remainder of the transfer. We spent most of Wednesday with them helping them get everything ready. Then we had to take them to the mission office that day as well. We hardly got to proselyte in our area that day which kinda sucked. But we got there car!!!  We now have a car for the remainder of the transfer which is sweet because we have been needing one. So that was the bittersweet moment. 
We also had a YSA couple take us out to dinner which was sweet. The YSA in our ward are so cool. Thursday we had zone training which was awesome! We talked about being accountable to the Lord for our missions and we had a mean discussion about that. The rest of Thursday and Friday were some solid proselyting days for us. 
Saturday was a mean day. We had some people we had been wanting to try and contact and try to get in the homes and we were successful. It was such a relief because we have been trying all week to contact them. So that was awesome. We also have this member in our ward who married and islander and we went over to visit them and while we were there she said she would be feeding us on Monday. She asked me what food I miss most from america and straight away I said Mexican! She said she will make Mexican food for when we come over! I was so pumped. Its been to long since I have had Mexican food. 
Sunday was solid. Church was just good in general. Heaps of kids bore there testimonies and it was super cool and the ward loved it because normally that doesn't happen in this ward. The spirit was strong and everyone really enjoyed it. 
After the second hour of church, some random guy who is not in our ward started telling me about his conversion story and it was crazy. He said at a young age God told him that he would never die. He went on to tell me that he tried to kill himself several times. To be honest I think he was spitting a bunch of crap, but it just wasn't making sense and he wont on for another 10 minutes and I got really bored. Basically what the guy was saying is that he is the shiz and he made it sound like he was one of the 3 nephites. It was weird haha. 
We had dinner with bishop later that night and he was saying how that same guy came into his office asking to be the Elders Quorum President. So the dude was just weird. Oh I totally forgot what made Sunday so great. It was the end of daylight savings and we got an extra hour of sleep! I never thought an extra hour of sleep as a missionary would be so great! haha it made my whole entire day. 
Everything is pretty solid here in the southern hemisphere. The days are shorter and it is getting darker earlier. I felt like we should have gone back to the flat at 7 last night because I thought It was later (because of how dark it was). It will be weird getting used to especially being a missionary. It makes the days seem a little longer. Thats all I have for this week. I hate that I am missing Ryan’s senior year right now. Anyways…

Love ya heaps!

Elder Shannon

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