Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Last Week of Transfers

Kia Ora!

I don't have to much to say this week. Not a whole lot happened towards the beginning of the week, but on Wednesday we had trade off with the zone leaders. I went into the city with Elder Kessinger. It was a really strange day. In the morning we had to take their car in to get it serviced. We thought it would only take an hour or so but when they had a look at it they said it was going to take about 6 hours. So we are left stranded with our bikes at the dealership which is a solid hour bike ride outside of the zone leaders area. We had to bike all the way to the city from there. 

We didn't have time to do much. We taught a lesson to one of the investigators and then by that time we had to bike back to pick up the car. When we get there they tell us that the car will have to stay over night because something else was wrong with the car. It was pretty frustrating because we didn't do much proselyting. By this time during the day we barely had time to bike to the city and finish off they day. It was really frustrating but we made the most of our trade off. 

On Friday, the whole mission had to get flu shots for the winter time which is coming up in the next few months. I know, it’s weird to have winter in May, June, and July haha. But thats how it is. So we took a little road trip to south Auckland and we got our flu shots. That took up about half of our day. 
After the flu shots we had dinner with one of our members who is Tongan. It was one of the biggest plates of food that I have ever seen! My companion Elder Frew and I were so full! There was so much food. And the thing with islanders is that they want you to finish the food on the plate. Let me tell you, it was quite the struggle. We were just smashed.

After our dinner we were supposed to have an appointment with one of our investigators who we have yet been able to start teaching. This was going to be our first teaching visit. In the middle of our dinner she texted us saying she was busy that night. We were pretty gutted when we found that out. So we went on with our night. Our ward was having a movie night that we invited our investigators to come with their kids and watch a movie. We got there and we were waiting for them to show up. They never ended up coming and we were just so frustrated and disappointed. We wish we could have tried to do more that night. It was a really bad night for us. 

Saturday however was pretty cool. One of our investigators named Kelly, her husband is less active and her daughter is a member. They invited us to come watch her husband play rugby. He is really good and it was a legit rugby game, not just recreational. Freak, it was mean. We watched him play and he was thrilled to have us there supporting him which was cool. 

Sunday is always a great! Church is always good. It rained heaps yesterday and I really like when it rains, I don't know why. Probably people let you in their houses more because they feel bad or something. But either way, I Like them. 

The investigator I was talking about when they didn’t come to the movie night, Well we went to visit them and we were finally able to catch the whole family home. They told us why they didn't come and all this other stuff. It’s been really cool to see how the Lord is slowly preparing them to except the gospel. The husband out of nowhere just decided to give up smoking.  Their sister who has been living with them has always been really negative around us and she has moved out of the house. So it’s a much better environment for us to be in which has been awesome to see! Seeing them and being able to visit with them was really good and made our whole day. 

Our area is pretty solid and there are heaps of people to teach…the problem is catching them at home. They are always working and just super busy. Last night my companion and  I started a fast last night to help us with the investigators we have and to get them progressing some how. We are really hoping for some good things to come of it. We are just getting frustrated with having all these investigators and not being able to catch up with them. This week should be a solid week. 
Oh and we also found out that one of the less actives we discovered used to be a Tall Black. Which is the National basketball team for New Zealand and he has his own tv show on Maori television which is really cool. 

Transfers are this week and my companion and I both think we are staying together in this area which I am really wanting to stay. But we will find out tonight. 
Thats all from this past week. Love ya heaps!

Elder Shannon

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