Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, April 10, 2016

My Week :)


This week has been such a great week. I have been on a spiritual high like this whole week! Last Monday we had zone p day and we went to the Auckland zoo which was pretty mean. After the Zoo we had a member in our ward feed us Mexican food that night and it was so great to have again. It’s been a long 8 months without it haha not really. (: 
Tuesday we had a lesson with a man named Pradeep. He is Indian fella and we taught him the restoration and it was sweet. He is keen to learn and he is so interested in religion ever since he came to NZ. So he is super cool. 
This past week we just really had solid visits with members and heaps of our less actives which just made our week so much better. We have this family that is investigating the church and I mentioned them in one of my emails ages ago but we were finally able top catch up with them and we were outside hanging out with there kids and one of them was teaching me tricks on a skate board and it was pretty sweet. Their family is one of those that the kids will do and try anything that sounds fun and hard to do. They are a mean family. 
The highlight of the week had to be General Conference. It was so good. Each session just got better and better. It was the coolest thing. I especially liked when they choir sang "Come Thou Fount" it made my freaking day and it gave me the chills hardcore. Russell M. Nelson Smashed everyone in the priesthood session which was so freaking cool. But it’s really sad to see President Monson only speak for like 3 minutes. He had some mean talks but it was just interesting. When Elder Holland ended general conference, that was such a good talk. "The great thing about the gospel is we get credit for trying." That was so cool. It’s hard to sum up my feelings in an email. I could just go on about conference. 
After conference was over we were just running off a spiritual high and wanted to preach the gospel to every living thing on the earth! We went out to visit some people who we have been trying to contact and we were successful. 
We went through our plans pretty fast that night and the spirit directed us where to go and we went to contact this guy that we have been trying to visit who is a less active. When he answered the door he was so happy to see missionaries. He said that missionaries have never came to his house to visit him in almost 20 years. He served a mission 26 years ago and he was telling us what the mission was like for him back in the days and we told him what is like now and he was so interested. He said he wanted to have us over for diner and we could go through preach my gospel with him. That’s our approach for now. And we think his wife might be a non member so that could be a new investigator possibly. 
So we were just going crazy last night because the week ended so well. We were so exhausted physically and spiritually haha it was crazy.  Things just came together this past week which was really good for us because things have been really frustrating for us the past few weeks. I don’t really have anything else to talk about. Finding is kinda hard because everyone in our area is rich and just love there money and the world to much to care what we have to say. We do get quite a few referrals which is sweet. But other than that its alright. 
Our week this week is pretty slammed so we are really excited. We also have trade offs with the zone leaders this week. I get to go into the city and proselyte which I am pretty pumped. Other than that, thats all I have for the week. Love ya tons!

Elder Shannon

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