Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Missionary's Worst Nightmare!

It’s that time of the year. The weather is starting to change. It’s getting colder and very MOIST. And to sum up what Autumn and winter are like in New Zealand. "We will go to Ollie Williams in New Zealand." Ollie says "Its gon rain!" (From Family Guy) And that’s all it has been this past week. RAIN. It’s hard to describe the kind of rain it is here. It rains when its sunny, it rains side ways, it rains heavy, and its non stop. It’s the worst thing for a missionary because all you want to do is cuddle up and watch movies all day. So it just sucks. But the lord has blessed us for our efforts for being diligent. This week was awesome because we were able to squeeze in some spontaneous lessons which was cool. 

The work was much better this week. We found a new investigator, which was cool. We had heaps of meetings this week which prevented us from having some solid proselyting time. The week was really good work wise for the amount of time we had. But we had to fit in weekly planning, Zone Training, and interviews with President this week and a stake activity that we were going to. But lets talk about interviews. Interviews was freaking awesome! I love our mission President! He is the man. We had a good talk about where I am at in my mission and what President thinks. So it was awesome to hear what he had to say. He was able to answer any question I had without hesitation. Just by looking at me he could tell what kind of missionary I was ha it’s so weird. It just shows that God is real and that mission presidents are really inspired by God. 

I have some stories to tell now. And honestly this really could have just ruined my week if I let it but I didn't. Anyways, Saturday just as we were finishing up eating lunch from Burger Fuel, we got on our bike and biked to McDonalds to get some dessert to cap off our wonderful lunch we just had. As I was getting off my bike I heard something rip. Lo and behold, there was a giant rip in my pants. And to make this all worse it was where everyone could see it and we were to far away from our flat for me to go and change. So I had to go the rest of the day like that. We had to attend a baptism as well and we had to sing so every one at the baptism saw. It was so embarrassing lol. I ended up making it through the day. 
The next day after church It started to rain really hard and didn’t stop for ages so we decided to wait it out for a little bit. It finally stopped for a little bit so we gaped it from our flat. At this point the ground is really wet and probably a bit slippery. We were riding along some trolley tracks that are on the side of the road. I decided to cross over the tracks. I had no worries because for the past 4 months I have been riding along this without a problem, but as I was going across my front tire got caught in between the track and it caused my back tire to slip out from behind me and to the side. I abandoned my bike and this caused me to land on my stomach going about 40 ks (25-30 mph) and I slid about 10 feet. I scraped up my hands really bad and my right knee. I also tore another hole in a different pair of pants on the knee because of this accident. So I was bleeding pretty bad and I was really cold. Se we went to a members house and they patched me up and fed us which was cool. I have a pretty big bandage on my left hand and one on my knee as well. I am doing just fine. I don't feel pain. I’m tough lol. jokes. Nah nut everything is pretty good it just stings when anything touches my scuff marks. 

Transfers are this week and we get the news tonight. I don't know if I will be leaving or not. It’s one of those where I could be or I will stay another transfer. You will have to wait till next week till you find out. That’s all I have for this week! You get to enjoy a nice Utah summer while its starting to get cold and wet here. I love you heaps! 

Elder Shannon

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Rain came Down and the Floods came Up

Kia Ora! 

This past week has been solid. Much better than the past few weeks. It started Monday night. We had an FHE planned with one of our members and there neighbors who are our investigators. My companion and I put a little lesson together that would be simple and short. So we decided to talk about families and how we can be together forever with our families. We talked about that and than we showed a short little video about it as well. Pradeep who is the father of the family who is investigating, expressed to us that he didn't believe life after death. His wife does, but he doesn't. We had a pretty cool lesson and taught him more about it and about the plan of salvation. Our member did a really good job as well with explaining it to them as well and sharing there thoughts. Pradeeps wife, Shatel is so interested in learning, which is sweet because this is all new to her. Her husband heart needed to be softened. 

The whole time I was praying for the spirit to come in and testify to him and soften his heart. But the problem was is that the kids who are all about 5 to 8 in age were really loud and kinda all over the place. So i am just praying for something to happen. suddenly the kids get quiet and he was able to ask questions and explain his beliefs. We answered his questions and then my companion and I both testified and so did our members. Thats when the spirit came and just pounded him. By the end of the lesson we could tell that he was feeling like there really is more to this life and I could see him just pondering on everything we taught him. It was a really cool experience. 

Tuesday we decided to do some door knocking for some reason. It was a total fail. But we ran into a really strange guy who let us into his house and has been doing a study on Genesis 6:4. It talks about giants and stuff like that. Just from that you could tell that this guy was weird. He has been studying it for 2 months and hew believes that the giants created the pyramids and all the other strange things that didn't seem possible at the time. He talked to us for a solid hour about it. So that was one to remember. lol. 

Wednesday we had trade off’s with the zone leaders. I stayed in my area and Elder Lee came with me and we had a whale of time. It also rained heaps that day so we did a lot of walking. We weren't able to do everything w\I wanted, but we tried. We got to help someone change there tire as well which was fun. It’s crazy what the mission teaches you. Like I had no idea how to change a tire till I came on the mission or how to pull a trailer, but I have learned how to do all those things. The trade off was good. The week got off to a really good start. The weekend came and so did the rain. It rained all weekend. So it made missionary work really hard especially when you don’t have a car.

Saturday there was a big game of league (Rugby) that was on in our area. They were rival teams and everyone was there to watch them play. Our investigator invited us to go so we were able to go, which was cool. The game was so intense. It was raining and the field was muddy which made it 10 times cooler. It was close for most of the game until l the last 15 minutes the Pt. Chev. the team we were cheering for pulled away. They are one of the best teams in New Zealand. for there division. It’s the division just below professional so they were still pretty good. But t was fun because heaps of people were there and the park was packed. They play at the local park to not a stadium, just in case any of you were curious. 

We had stake conference this weekend which was pretty solid as well. There were some sweet talks that were like general conference worthy haha. But I don't want to make this too long. The week was good. There is only 1 week left in this transfer which is crazy! It went by so fast. But that’s all for this week! I love you !

Elder Shannon

Sunday, May 15, 2016

This is Hard!


Well this past week has been pretty tough. I will start with Tuesday. But Tuesday was actually a good day. I led a solid district meeting and it was just awesome. We talked about giving commitments and how we are supposed to give them. We had a good discussion on it. Later that day we had a lesson with one of our less active families that went pretty well. 
Tuesday, things just really started to slow down. 
Wednesday to Saturday really just sucked to be honest. Nothing was going the way we hoped. No one wanted to listen to us, A few of our lessons with our investigators got cancelled and the days have gone by pretty slow. Luckily my companion Elder Frew and I get along really well so we try to make the most of it. When we try to start o conversation with someone and they just completely ignore us, we will carry on the conversation between our selves and pretend that it was the person we tried to talk to. Stuff like that we do that make it a little easier to get through out the day. To make matters worse, it seemed that when our day seemed to be going slow, it would start to rain. The rain here in New Zealand is a little different. It doesn't take much to get you soaking wet. Its just so humid and the rain is heavy. So when it rains and your a missionary, its like a natural disaster has happened. lol. 
Oh I also got this new suit that is navy blue and it looks so sick. I would send pictures of me wearing it but when I tried to add it to the email before hand it couldn't handle how good I looked. It took so long to load because of my good looks. Anyways I wore Sunday to church for the first time and I just felt like a whole new man. 
Church was really good that day too. We had a cool discussion in Elders Quorum about scripture reading. Something that I noticed in the discussion is that these older men turned to two 19 year old missionaries for advice. Like if you think about it its kinda weird in a way. But we had a cool discussion on how important scripture reading is and how we can develop those habits. Some of the questions they asked us were questions I would not have been able to answer back home before the mission. Its crazy the amount of knowledge you can gain from the mission! After church we went over to our bishops house and we sat in the lounge area and sang hymns. And if you haven't heard islanders sing church hymns, they have there own version of them and it is so cool. It's so beautiful to see how the change it up. Our bishop just pulled out a ukulele and and started singing and we all joined in. It was really neat. 
We had a fireside that we have once a month called a "Come and See fireside". Missionaries can bring less actives and investigators to it to listen to recent converts testimonies and musical items. Its really cool and its a good tool to have our investigators come and feel the spirit and see how the Gospel has changed others lives as well. But we are just having a hard time. We are doing every thing we can to try and find people to teach and to serve others. 
We don't know why we aren't having success. We are keeping the mission rules, we are staying as diligent as possible! We are looking to improve on anything we can because this just sucks. We are running out of things to do. We legit will have to start knocking doors this week because we are running out of options. And normally we don;'t even have to door knock in this mission. 
I know the Lord is testing me. I have remained patient and I know the Lord will bless me somewhere down the line. My prayers are the most sincere they have ever been. Anyways, I will end there. I hope all is well back home. That sucks about Ryans team. She did good though. Im proud of her. Anyways have a good week! 

Elder Shannon

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Trip to Piha


Nothing much really happened this week. It was a slow week for us. We weren't able to catch anyone at home and we didn't have very many appointments. We spent most of the week going through our ward list trying to contact some of the people on there and try to update the ward list. 
Tuesday we had  a lesson with the family I talked about last week. We taught the Restoration to them and it went really well. Afterwards the family really wanted to feed us but they weren't able to so they gave us $50 to go buy ourselves a feed. I wasn't too surprised that they gave us money but $50?!? So that was weird. 
We had a pretty cool experience with asking members for referrals. We went to go see our ward mission leader who has been off his mission for a year now. He is really onto it and you would think that if he had anyone for us to teach he would tell us, but we went to his house anyways to ask. Turned out he had a family member that isn't a member and he said he would like us to go over and see what we could do. It was just cool because it reminded me how important it is to ask for referrals no matter who you are asking. That was just a cool experience for me. 
Thursday was a pretty cool day. We had zone training. For that we went on a hike up a mountain. It wasn't super big. We had the training along the way talking about different things. The place we went to was so cool. Its right by the ocean and it is beautiful. I will send some pictures. It was cool because it was all symbolic with the training. It was kinda hard to pay attention because of the view. 
Later Thursday night we had a ward rescue night.  My companion and I went with our bishop who is Tongan and just really large in stature! The goal was to have our bishop smash the less actives that keep coming up with excuses on why they won’t let us in to their homes, haha. It went pretty well. Our bishop is super intimidating. Like I would be scared if he were to get angry. But he is funny. That’s an experience my comp and I look back on and laugh. 
I can’t really think of anything else that happened. It was pretty boring week to be honest. Not a whole lot happened. We still don’t have a car and I don’t think we will be getting one anytime soon. Nothing too new has happened this week. Still haven't heard anything about Skype yet.  Everyone is pretty confused and wants to know. Sorry I don’t have more to talk about. That’s all I have for this week!

It’s cool that Ryan scored! the photos are sweet. I’m super jealous that you are going to Lake Powell! By the way I’m going to need a package soon with some essentials. Anyways that’s all I have. Love ya heaps!

Elder Shannon