Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Missionary's Worst Nightmare!

It’s that time of the year. The weather is starting to change. It’s getting colder and very MOIST. And to sum up what Autumn and winter are like in New Zealand. "We will go to Ollie Williams in New Zealand." Ollie says "Its gon rain!" (From Family Guy) And that’s all it has been this past week. RAIN. It’s hard to describe the kind of rain it is here. It rains when its sunny, it rains side ways, it rains heavy, and its non stop. It’s the worst thing for a missionary because all you want to do is cuddle up and watch movies all day. So it just sucks. But the lord has blessed us for our efforts for being diligent. This week was awesome because we were able to squeeze in some spontaneous lessons which was cool. 

The work was much better this week. We found a new investigator, which was cool. We had heaps of meetings this week which prevented us from having some solid proselyting time. The week was really good work wise for the amount of time we had. But we had to fit in weekly planning, Zone Training, and interviews with President this week and a stake activity that we were going to. But lets talk about interviews. Interviews was freaking awesome! I love our mission President! He is the man. We had a good talk about where I am at in my mission and what President thinks. So it was awesome to hear what he had to say. He was able to answer any question I had without hesitation. Just by looking at me he could tell what kind of missionary I was ha it’s so weird. It just shows that God is real and that mission presidents are really inspired by God. 

I have some stories to tell now. And honestly this really could have just ruined my week if I let it but I didn't. Anyways, Saturday just as we were finishing up eating lunch from Burger Fuel, we got on our bike and biked to McDonalds to get some dessert to cap off our wonderful lunch we just had. As I was getting off my bike I heard something rip. Lo and behold, there was a giant rip in my pants. And to make this all worse it was where everyone could see it and we were to far away from our flat for me to go and change. So I had to go the rest of the day like that. We had to attend a baptism as well and we had to sing so every one at the baptism saw. It was so embarrassing lol. I ended up making it through the day. 
The next day after church It started to rain really hard and didn’t stop for ages so we decided to wait it out for a little bit. It finally stopped for a little bit so we gaped it from our flat. At this point the ground is really wet and probably a bit slippery. We were riding along some trolley tracks that are on the side of the road. I decided to cross over the tracks. I had no worries because for the past 4 months I have been riding along this without a problem, but as I was going across my front tire got caught in between the track and it caused my back tire to slip out from behind me and to the side. I abandoned my bike and this caused me to land on my stomach going about 40 ks (25-30 mph) and I slid about 10 feet. I scraped up my hands really bad and my right knee. I also tore another hole in a different pair of pants on the knee because of this accident. So I was bleeding pretty bad and I was really cold. Se we went to a members house and they patched me up and fed us which was cool. I have a pretty big bandage on my left hand and one on my knee as well. I am doing just fine. I don't feel pain. I’m tough lol. jokes. Nah nut everything is pretty good it just stings when anything touches my scuff marks. 

Transfers are this week and we get the news tonight. I don't know if I will be leaving or not. It’s one of those where I could be or I will stay another transfer. You will have to wait till next week till you find out. That’s all I have for this week! You get to enjoy a nice Utah summer while its starting to get cold and wet here. I love you heaps! 

Elder Shannon

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