Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Rain came Down and the Floods came Up

Kia Ora! 

This past week has been solid. Much better than the past few weeks. It started Monday night. We had an FHE planned with one of our members and there neighbors who are our investigators. My companion and I put a little lesson together that would be simple and short. So we decided to talk about families and how we can be together forever with our families. We talked about that and than we showed a short little video about it as well. Pradeep who is the father of the family who is investigating, expressed to us that he didn't believe life after death. His wife does, but he doesn't. We had a pretty cool lesson and taught him more about it and about the plan of salvation. Our member did a really good job as well with explaining it to them as well and sharing there thoughts. Pradeeps wife, Shatel is so interested in learning, which is sweet because this is all new to her. Her husband heart needed to be softened. 

The whole time I was praying for the spirit to come in and testify to him and soften his heart. But the problem was is that the kids who are all about 5 to 8 in age were really loud and kinda all over the place. So i am just praying for something to happen. suddenly the kids get quiet and he was able to ask questions and explain his beliefs. We answered his questions and then my companion and I both testified and so did our members. Thats when the spirit came and just pounded him. By the end of the lesson we could tell that he was feeling like there really is more to this life and I could see him just pondering on everything we taught him. It was a really cool experience. 

Tuesday we decided to do some door knocking for some reason. It was a total fail. But we ran into a really strange guy who let us into his house and has been doing a study on Genesis 6:4. It talks about giants and stuff like that. Just from that you could tell that this guy was weird. He has been studying it for 2 months and hew believes that the giants created the pyramids and all the other strange things that didn't seem possible at the time. He talked to us for a solid hour about it. So that was one to remember. lol. 

Wednesday we had trade off’s with the zone leaders. I stayed in my area and Elder Lee came with me and we had a whale of time. It also rained heaps that day so we did a lot of walking. We weren't able to do everything w\I wanted, but we tried. We got to help someone change there tire as well which was fun. It’s crazy what the mission teaches you. Like I had no idea how to change a tire till I came on the mission or how to pull a trailer, but I have learned how to do all those things. The trade off was good. The week got off to a really good start. The weekend came and so did the rain. It rained all weekend. So it made missionary work really hard especially when you don’t have a car.

Saturday there was a big game of league (Rugby) that was on in our area. They were rival teams and everyone was there to watch them play. Our investigator invited us to go so we were able to go, which was cool. The game was so intense. It was raining and the field was muddy which made it 10 times cooler. It was close for most of the game until l the last 15 minutes the Pt. Chev. the team we were cheering for pulled away. They are one of the best teams in New Zealand. for there division. It’s the division just below professional so they were still pretty good. But t was fun because heaps of people were there and the park was packed. They play at the local park to not a stadium, just in case any of you were curious. 

We had stake conference this weekend which was pretty solid as well. There were some sweet talks that were like general conference worthy haha. But I don't want to make this too long. The week was good. There is only 1 week left in this transfer which is crazy! It went by so fast. But that’s all for this week! I love you !

Elder Shannon

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