Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

This is Hard!


Well this past week has been pretty tough. I will start with Tuesday. But Tuesday was actually a good day. I led a solid district meeting and it was just awesome. We talked about giving commitments and how we are supposed to give them. We had a good discussion on it. Later that day we had a lesson with one of our less active families that went pretty well. 
Tuesday, things just really started to slow down. 
Wednesday to Saturday really just sucked to be honest. Nothing was going the way we hoped. No one wanted to listen to us, A few of our lessons with our investigators got cancelled and the days have gone by pretty slow. Luckily my companion Elder Frew and I get along really well so we try to make the most of it. When we try to start o conversation with someone and they just completely ignore us, we will carry on the conversation between our selves and pretend that it was the person we tried to talk to. Stuff like that we do that make it a little easier to get through out the day. To make matters worse, it seemed that when our day seemed to be going slow, it would start to rain. The rain here in New Zealand is a little different. It doesn't take much to get you soaking wet. Its just so humid and the rain is heavy. So when it rains and your a missionary, its like a natural disaster has happened. lol. 
Oh I also got this new suit that is navy blue and it looks so sick. I would send pictures of me wearing it but when I tried to add it to the email before hand it couldn't handle how good I looked. It took so long to load because of my good looks. Anyways I wore Sunday to church for the first time and I just felt like a whole new man. 
Church was really good that day too. We had a cool discussion in Elders Quorum about scripture reading. Something that I noticed in the discussion is that these older men turned to two 19 year old missionaries for advice. Like if you think about it its kinda weird in a way. But we had a cool discussion on how important scripture reading is and how we can develop those habits. Some of the questions they asked us were questions I would not have been able to answer back home before the mission. Its crazy the amount of knowledge you can gain from the mission! After church we went over to our bishops house and we sat in the lounge area and sang hymns. And if you haven't heard islanders sing church hymns, they have there own version of them and it is so cool. It's so beautiful to see how the change it up. Our bishop just pulled out a ukulele and and started singing and we all joined in. It was really neat. 
We had a fireside that we have once a month called a "Come and See fireside". Missionaries can bring less actives and investigators to it to listen to recent converts testimonies and musical items. Its really cool and its a good tool to have our investigators come and feel the spirit and see how the Gospel has changed others lives as well. But we are just having a hard time. We are doing every thing we can to try and find people to teach and to serve others. 
We don't know why we aren't having success. We are keeping the mission rules, we are staying as diligent as possible! We are looking to improve on anything we can because this just sucks. We are running out of things to do. We legit will have to start knocking doors this week because we are running out of options. And normally we don;'t even have to door knock in this mission. 
I know the Lord is testing me. I have remained patient and I know the Lord will bless me somewhere down the line. My prayers are the most sincere they have ever been. Anyways, I will end there. I hope all is well back home. That sucks about Ryans team. She did good though. Im proud of her. Anyways have a good week! 

Elder Shannon

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