Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, June 26, 2016


Malo lelei

Well this week has been just up and down. Tuesday we had a lesson with the Makata's who are the less actives we are working with. We had a lesson just on repentance which was sweet! Repentance is such a cool lesson to have especially when you are just teaching repentance. We had an awesome discussion with them on it. One of the questions they had was "Why do we have to go to church?" And before this we had talked about the sacrament and that’s ultimately the reason we go. We tried to explain it to them but they just weren't getting it and I was getting so frustrated because it’s not that hard to understand and I was so close to saying that to them. But I remained calm. 

After a little bit I whispered to my companion if he had anything that would help them understand and he said no.  I was starting to panic because nothing was working to help to get them to understand. I was trying to think of anywhere in the scriptures where it talks about the Sabbath Day and going to church as well. There are several scriptures about the Sabbath Day but I didn't know of any about going to church as well. Than suddenly, a scripture came to mind. D&C 59:9-13. It answered their question perfectly. I read it to them and after I shared it with them they immediately expressed to us "That was the answer we were looking for." I was caught off guard that, that actually did the trick haha. It was cool because it was from the spirit. If I hadn't had the spirit with me or if I wasn't worthy of the spirit, That would not have been able to happen. So it was a really cool experience and a good lesson to learn from for myself. ALWAYS be worthy of the spirit. We invited them to come to church with us on Sunday and they said yes. My companion and I were so excited! They haven't been to church for about 15 years and they said they will come to church this Sunday. 
Thursday we had a miracle happen. We were walking around and we ran into this guy who just moved into the area. He told us that before he moved the missionaries were teaching him and told us that he is still keen to learn! We were so pumped. So hopefully we can meet with him sometime this week. 

Saturday, we went to visit the lady I talked about last week. The one who when she realized who we were she was happy to see us. Well when we went over she was hungover from a party the night before and so she basically dropped us which was pretty sad. We were bummed about that. As we were leaving her house on the bikes. The back tire to my bike popped. So we had to walk to a bike shop so they could fix it. And the worst part was that it was raining. I got it fixed. About 3 minutes later it popped again. So we had to walk all the way back and get it fixed. It turned out there was a little piece of glass stuck on the inside of my tire. It ended up taking up about an hour and a half out of our day trying to sort that out and we were soaking wet. So it just sucked. 

Later that day Our dinner appointment go cancelled as well and we were to far away from our flat to go back and eat and we had no money so we couldn't buy anything. We had to skip dinner and keep working. It was a long day that day. We got to the end of the day and we were really looking forward to church because we had some of our investigators and less actives come to church. 

When we got to church the next day and church started, none of them came. I was so disappointed and frustrated. But on Saturday morning I was studying In PMG Ch. 6 Christlike attributes. I read Patience. Under patience it says; "Patience is the capacity to endure delay, trouble, opposition, or suffering without becoming angry, frustrated, or anxious." As I kept reading it later said; "You need patience in your everyday experiences and relationships" The crazy part was that I had no idea that I was going to be studying this and it turned out that this last weekend the lord was going to be testing my patience. It’s crazy how the Lord works. 

Those were some of the things I was able to learn this week. That’s all from this week! Love ya heaps! Enjoy Lake Powell! I wish I could be there. (Not really, New Zealand’s better.) haha jokes 

Elder Shannon   

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Weekly Update

Kia Ora! 

This past week was awesome! It started Monday night with the homeless people we found. We invited them to an FHE were there was like 15 people there which was awesome to get them involved with the ward. They loved it! We had a lesson and played some games and had a feed afterwards which was good. Ashley and Daniel also told us that they were able to find a house in Christchurch which is on the south island so they will no longer be homeless. When they first told us this I was gutted and wish we could have kept working with them, but at the same time I was so happy for them which was awesome! 

On Tuesday we had a lesson with a less active family we are working with and we talked about the sacrament and read chapters 4,5,and 6 in Moroni which were the sacramental prayers and repenting and the baptismal covenant. It really got them thinking and getting them to ask questions which was really cool. They were way more involved and intrigued in this lesson than any other. So that was cool. 

Wednesday was a little bit slower than we expected and it felt like the day just kept dragging on. It was just one of those days but Thursday was a pretty good day. We were able to talk to people on the street and it just felt really good. Our focus that day was asking everyone for referrals and it turned out pretty well. We got a few referrals that we still need to contact but we are excited for them. 
Friday our main focus was to visit some of the less actives in the ward and invite them to an Elders Quorum activity that was going on at the chapel. From that we were able to get a few less actives out and they really enjoyed it which was awesome! 
Earlier in the day though, we went to try and contact a referral we have been trying to contact for a while but she would always send her kids to the door to tell us to go away. As we were walking up to the door I said a quick prayer just asking that she will be here and will be willing to listen to what we have to say. We knocked, and just like usual one of her kids came to the door. We asked if her mom was home and she went and got her mom. Her mom came to the door and when she came to the door she didn't want to have anything to do with us. However she didn't know what church we were from. Just a few months earlier she came with our bishop and his family to a chapel tour that our ward put on and she loved it. She realized that we were from that church and when she realized that out she was ecstatic to see us! I was shocked with how she responded haha. It was a miracle though because we have been trying to contact her for ages and we hadn't been able to catch her. She really wants to learn more about the gospel, which is cool and she has a solid fellowship with bishops wife which is good. 

Saturday we had trade offs with the Zone leaders. I went to their area with Elder Vetten. It was pretty good. We tracted all day which was so tiring. My feet were so sore. But it was good to really sharpen up my TWE (talking with everybody) skills. We ended up walking away with 3 potential investigators which was really cool. 

On Sunday we had a really cool lesson with one of our investigators. His name is Lewus. He started off asking questions about the Bible and what it’s about. From that we were able to talk about the Book Of Mormon. We told him how they work side by side and we shared with him John 10:16 & 3 Nephi 16:1-3 which talks about the lost sheep and how the book of Mormon will be brought forth to the lost sheep. He loved the fact that you could compare both the Bible and the Book of Mormon. It was a really good lesson. 

Overall this week was really good. We smashed our goals again this week which we were super pumped about. I feel like my prayers are starting to be answered and things are slowly starting to come together in this area. At the beginning it was so frustrating because nothing was going for us. But the Lord has taught me patience. The hard work is paying off. I may not get a baptism by the time I leave this area, but I feel like I have done my best in making this area better than what it was. So everything is swell here. It”s getting colder and colder and it just sucks. But the work must go one haha anyways, that’s all from this week. 
Love you heaps!

Elder Shannon

Monday, June 13, 2016

We Smashed this Week!

Kia Ora,

Well, this past week there have been so many miracles! Remember those homeless people I gave my jacket to last week? Well we saw them again Monday night! We got to talk to them and see how they were doing.  He was still wearing my jacket, which was cool. It was cool to see them again and talk to them. Now we see them almost everyday through out the week. We are now working them teaching the lessons after baptism because they didn't get that opportunity previously, so we are going to start that up with them. We invited them to an FHE at our ward mission leaders house tonight and they said they will come. But they are really struggling right now and we are hoping that if we get them back to church and involved with the ward it will make things much easier. 
Wednesday we had zone conference with 2 other zones. President and his wife and a few other of the senior couples that work in the mission office said some things as well. It was pretty good. It’s really hard to sit around from 9am to 3pm. But this was one of the better ones where I didn't get tired. 
The weekend was really good for us! We had quite a few lessons with some people on the street and visited heaps of people. Friday night we went to a young mens activity where they were just playing games and talked about missionary work. Elder Frew and I had the opportunity to share our thoughts on missionary work. It was cool because I haven’t had the opportunity to do that yet to a younger group of young men. It was awesome doing that and just feeling the spirit. 
Sunday was really good because we had some solid lessons with 2 of our investigators. We taught the Restoration to both of them. One of the lessons was with Maruan. He is in his mid 20's. We had a mean lesson with him. He is pretty interested in other religions because his sister has been investigating other religions as well which gave him the same idea as well. He is really open to what we have to share with him. 
This week was just full of so many miracles. It’s hard for me to tell you all of them and describe them. Looking for the miracles that happen each day has been awesome. That has been a huge focus for me lately. Just taking a step back and looking at what has happened and what the Lord has blessed me with. It has been so awesome! It’s crazy how many miracles really happen each day when you look and desire them! But to sum up our week, we smashed all the goals we had set! This was by far the best all around week I have had since I have been in this area! My comp and I are going to really raise the bar this week and hopefully do more. 
In closing, something I forgot to mention is that the All Blacks played this weekend and it wouldn't be right if I didn't talk about the game. It’s just a New Zealand thing to talk about the all blacks whenever they play. Most of Auckland was quiet because everyone was watching the game haha. So it was pretty tough getting in homes on Saturday night. They won and that’s all everyone talked about at church. Like legit haha it was pretty funny. Anyways thats my week for ya! Love you heaps!

Elder Shannon

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Not Much Has Changed

Kia Ora

This past week was transfers. My companion and I are staying in this area for another transfer. It's nice not having to worry about transferring or getting a new companion. It simplifies everything for us. Got one new Elder in the district. Other than that my district has stayed the same which is awesome as well so this transfer is going to be sweet! We are both pretty excited.
We had a pretty solid week. We were able to catch up with heaps of our investigators and finally get to sit down in their house and share a message. It's been a long while since we have been able to see all of our investigators in 1 week. So that was awesome. We also had heaps of success just talking to people on the street. People were actually wanting to listen to us and have a conversation which was awesome. A lot of people just shut us down immediately. So this is progress.
With my companion and I staying, we are really going to try hard to improve to make this the best, most effective transfer we have had together. Something that has also been awesome is the amount we are getting fed this month by member's. We have a meal everyday with a member except for Mondays. It's so awesome. We have been working really close with the members to gain their trust and it has worked!! They all want to feed us haha. So we are stacked for this month.
I got to watch The Best Two Years for the first time as a missionary and it was so different haha. I actually knew what everything meant. It was just really good. Man also our chapel was freezing cold yesterday for church. No one knows how to work the heater because it's so old! It's the oldest chapel in all of New Zealand, by the way.  It was freezing cold. It was miserable sitting through all 3 hours haha. But church was good as it normally is.
You know, I have been doing pretty well not really caring about sports until now. Hearing about the NBA finals is killing me right now haha. I don't know why! I guess the good thing is that every one keeps me up to date on it all. So it's kinda been driving me crazy a little bit, but it’s all good.
Something I have been focusing on recently is miracles. Seeing the little miracles that happen every day. It's been cool to see them as I try and focus more on them. I had an awesome experience with one this week; We had just finished lunch on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. We were waiting at the stop lights for us to cross. There were some homeless people on the corner just chilling and we started to talk to them. We talked to them for a while and while we were talking I just felt impressed that I need to do something for them. I didn't have any cash so I couldn't give them cash. I had no idea what the Lord wanted me to do. It bothered me the whole time we were talking to them. I then realized that one of the guys was wearing a singlet and didn't have a jacket. I had a jacket in my bag and so I thought I could offer it to him. My first thought is that he will kindly say no and I will be able to keep my jacket. I didn't think he was actually going to say yes. So I gave him my jacket and then we took off. The whole time while we were riding on our bikes I kept thinking about how much I am going to miss that jacket and that I will need it later that night because it will be so cold! Suddenly I was overcome with a feeling that I have never felt so strongly before in my life. It felt like someone was hugging me. It was instant comfort. I started to tear up while I was riding on my bike. That's how strong it was. I soon realized that I was so worried about myself and how selfish I actually was. I gave him my jacket because I thought It would be a nice gesture. I didn't want him to take it because I thought I would need it more. But the Saviour taught me. He taught me that it never is about me, it never will be. I went back and tried to remember the expression on the guys face and how happy he was to have a jacket. This is something I will never forget. One of the best life lessons I have learned so far. It's incredible what Jesus Christ can teach you. I have a firm testimony that he lives today and he can change lives. HE has changed my life! I just love this whole experience. I am grateful to be here. That's all I have for this week. Love ya heaps!

Elder Shannon