Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, June 26, 2016


Malo lelei

Well this week has been just up and down. Tuesday we had a lesson with the Makata's who are the less actives we are working with. We had a lesson just on repentance which was sweet! Repentance is such a cool lesson to have especially when you are just teaching repentance. We had an awesome discussion with them on it. One of the questions they had was "Why do we have to go to church?" And before this we had talked about the sacrament and that’s ultimately the reason we go. We tried to explain it to them but they just weren't getting it and I was getting so frustrated because it’s not that hard to understand and I was so close to saying that to them. But I remained calm. 

After a little bit I whispered to my companion if he had anything that would help them understand and he said no.  I was starting to panic because nothing was working to help to get them to understand. I was trying to think of anywhere in the scriptures where it talks about the Sabbath Day and going to church as well. There are several scriptures about the Sabbath Day but I didn't know of any about going to church as well. Than suddenly, a scripture came to mind. D&C 59:9-13. It answered their question perfectly. I read it to them and after I shared it with them they immediately expressed to us "That was the answer we were looking for." I was caught off guard that, that actually did the trick haha. It was cool because it was from the spirit. If I hadn't had the spirit with me or if I wasn't worthy of the spirit, That would not have been able to happen. So it was a really cool experience and a good lesson to learn from for myself. ALWAYS be worthy of the spirit. We invited them to come to church with us on Sunday and they said yes. My companion and I were so excited! They haven't been to church for about 15 years and they said they will come to church this Sunday. 
Thursday we had a miracle happen. We were walking around and we ran into this guy who just moved into the area. He told us that before he moved the missionaries were teaching him and told us that he is still keen to learn! We were so pumped. So hopefully we can meet with him sometime this week. 

Saturday, we went to visit the lady I talked about last week. The one who when she realized who we were she was happy to see us. Well when we went over she was hungover from a party the night before and so she basically dropped us which was pretty sad. We were bummed about that. As we were leaving her house on the bikes. The back tire to my bike popped. So we had to walk to a bike shop so they could fix it. And the worst part was that it was raining. I got it fixed. About 3 minutes later it popped again. So we had to walk all the way back and get it fixed. It turned out there was a little piece of glass stuck on the inside of my tire. It ended up taking up about an hour and a half out of our day trying to sort that out and we were soaking wet. So it just sucked. 

Later that day Our dinner appointment go cancelled as well and we were to far away from our flat to go back and eat and we had no money so we couldn't buy anything. We had to skip dinner and keep working. It was a long day that day. We got to the end of the day and we were really looking forward to church because we had some of our investigators and less actives come to church. 

When we got to church the next day and church started, none of them came. I was so disappointed and frustrated. But on Saturday morning I was studying In PMG Ch. 6 Christlike attributes. I read Patience. Under patience it says; "Patience is the capacity to endure delay, trouble, opposition, or suffering without becoming angry, frustrated, or anxious." As I kept reading it later said; "You need patience in your everyday experiences and relationships" The crazy part was that I had no idea that I was going to be studying this and it turned out that this last weekend the lord was going to be testing my patience. It’s crazy how the Lord works. 

Those were some of the things I was able to learn this week. That’s all from this week! Love ya heaps! Enjoy Lake Powell! I wish I could be there. (Not really, New Zealand’s better.) haha jokes 

Elder Shannon   

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