Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Monday, June 13, 2016

We Smashed this Week!

Kia Ora,

Well, this past week there have been so many miracles! Remember those homeless people I gave my jacket to last week? Well we saw them again Monday night! We got to talk to them and see how they were doing.  He was still wearing my jacket, which was cool. It was cool to see them again and talk to them. Now we see them almost everyday through out the week. We are now working them teaching the lessons after baptism because they didn't get that opportunity previously, so we are going to start that up with them. We invited them to an FHE at our ward mission leaders house tonight and they said they will come. But they are really struggling right now and we are hoping that if we get them back to church and involved with the ward it will make things much easier. 
Wednesday we had zone conference with 2 other zones. President and his wife and a few other of the senior couples that work in the mission office said some things as well. It was pretty good. It’s really hard to sit around from 9am to 3pm. But this was one of the better ones where I didn't get tired. 
The weekend was really good for us! We had quite a few lessons with some people on the street and visited heaps of people. Friday night we went to a young mens activity where they were just playing games and talked about missionary work. Elder Frew and I had the opportunity to share our thoughts on missionary work. It was cool because I haven’t had the opportunity to do that yet to a younger group of young men. It was awesome doing that and just feeling the spirit. 
Sunday was really good because we had some solid lessons with 2 of our investigators. We taught the Restoration to both of them. One of the lessons was with Maruan. He is in his mid 20's. We had a mean lesson with him. He is pretty interested in other religions because his sister has been investigating other religions as well which gave him the same idea as well. He is really open to what we have to share with him. 
This week was just full of so many miracles. It’s hard for me to tell you all of them and describe them. Looking for the miracles that happen each day has been awesome. That has been a huge focus for me lately. Just taking a step back and looking at what has happened and what the Lord has blessed me with. It has been so awesome! It’s crazy how many miracles really happen each day when you look and desire them! But to sum up our week, we smashed all the goals we had set! This was by far the best all around week I have had since I have been in this area! My comp and I are going to really raise the bar this week and hopefully do more. 
In closing, something I forgot to mention is that the All Blacks played this weekend and it wouldn't be right if I didn't talk about the game. It’s just a New Zealand thing to talk about the all blacks whenever they play. Most of Auckland was quiet because everyone was watching the game haha. So it was pretty tough getting in homes on Saturday night. They won and that’s all everyone talked about at church. Like legit haha it was pretty funny. Anyways thats my week for ya! Love you heaps!

Elder Shannon

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