Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, July 24, 2016

One year down One to Go!

Kia Ora

Well this past week has been pretty good. Monday night we had an FHE with a part member family. They expressed to us that the daughter wants to get baptised and and hopefully the husband as well. Tonight we have another FHE and hopefully we can set them tonight. 
Tuesday was my first district meeting since being released from my duties and I must tell you, it was nice to be able to not have to worry about planning anything or having to stress. Life is so much better haha. It’s been since my first transfer was the last time I didn't have to worry about that stuff. From Tuesday till Thursday we have been trying to contact every name we have in our area book. We have come across a few names and they were happy to see us and the ones we did come in contact with said we could come back. So we have heaps of potentials right now. Hopefully we can start teaching them soon. 
Thursday morning we did trade off's with the young men in the ward for about 2 hours. It was really fun. It was cool to be able to give them a little taste of what the mission field is like. Afterwards they fed us and then the young men did a haka for us which was pretty cool. Hakas are just cool in general. 
This past weekend was also our ward conference weekend. So there were events going on all weekend. Friday night there was a dance put on by our ward. There were heaps of non members that came which was sweet. We sat around and tried to talk to most of them. But let me tell ya how hard it was for me not to get up and start dancing. I had to control myself. While we were talking to someone, one of the ladies in the ward came and grabbed me to get me to dance (she obviously didn't know the rules) and I didn't want to be rude and make her feel dumb so when I got up I did a little jig for about 5 seconds and than I went and sat down. But I enjoyed the little time I had to dance. The ward got a kick out of it. 
Saturday we spent most of the day visiting less actives and inviting them to ward conference on Sunday and to a musical devotional that we were putting on. When Sunday came around and we were anxiously waiting to see who would come. Our ward was packed! There were heaps of people. There were about 10 non members at sacrament meeting which was awesome! It made my companion and I so happy! The talks from the stake presidency were pretty dry. Non of the talks made sense and didn't really have a main topic. But it was pretty funny in priesthood that day. The stake president came in and and smashed everyone. He started asking people when the last time it was they did there home teaching. It was intense. And then he brought up the baptismal statistics in the ward the last 2 years. There hasn't been a baptism in a year and a half and hopefully that's about to change. It was just pretty funny the way it all happened. 
Later that night we had our musical devotional and it was freaking sweet! The singers were super good. And in between each song people were assigned a little script they would have to read and it was going through the story of a missionary and his experiences on the mission. It was just really cool and heaps of people came. Most of the singers that sang are part of a music group called "The Brown Hynm Book" It’s pretty cool. I'm pretty sure if you look it up on youtube sings will come up. But it’s just hymns sung by islanders. They have there own way of singing and its really cool.

Things are kinda ehh right now. Nothing exciting has happened, its just been a normal week. Hopefully I will have more proselyting stories next week. But I am doing well. My companion legit feels like an older brother. Like we are pretty tight. So it’s cool. Oh and also, my comp and I did our missionary family tree and we found out that we are step brothers. Same mom different dad. So that was pretty cool. I will take a picture of my family tree and send it next week. It’s just something fun to do. But that's all I have for this week. 

Love ya heaps! 

Elder Shannon 

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