Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Wait is Killing Me!

Kia Ora

I would first like to say happy birthday to you mom! I'm pretty sure it was on Saturday? I hope you had a good birthday. 

This past week has been killer. Like mentally. Last Monday we had an FHE with Maria & Julius. They our our investigators right now. They expressed to us a few weeks ago they would like there daughter to get baptised. So last Monday we wanted to try to get the parents on board as well. We had our bishop come with us. All we did for 2 and a half hours was talk about religion. They both have been a part of a few religions and said they liked them but some of the things they did didn't make sense or they found faults in the other churches. Then they started talking about our church and how everyone love each other. They like how it is all organized and they really appreciate when someone is falling away that we do something to help them get back on the path. They said other religions say they will do that but don't. So that stuck out to them about it. 
Towards the end of the night out of nowhere they asked us about what baptism was like and what happens after baptism. We were shocked and they were super excited to talk about it! So we explained it to them and they just said they really want there daughter to get baptised. Ha and Maria loved that you get a membership number after you are baptised haha it was pretty funny. We all laughed. Then we felt we should invite them to be baptised as well so we did. We encouraged them to pray and ponder about it. They were so interested in finding out if this is right for them. The spirit was so strong and it was honestly one of the happiest moments of my life. No, it was the happiest I have ever felt. I just want to see them in white so bad! They are such a cool family. We find out if they want to get baptised tonight and Elder Chong-nee and I were anxiously waiting for Monday to come for that very reason. It was awesome! So hopefully it goes well tonight. 
Ever since our ward conference last weekend there has been a huge increase in the ward with missionary work and it’s starting to really help us out more. Members really want to come out with us and do splits which is awesome. What I love about the members here, especially the real islanders that come straight from Samoa or Tonga is they will do anything for missionaries. We got back to our flat one night for dinner and realized we had no food and no money. So we called one of our members to see if they would get us food. (And no its not rude that we are doing this, It would be rude not to) Our member took us to KFC and bought us heaps of food haha. But I just really appreciated it because we were so flipping hungry and islanders are just really cool. 
We are also teaching our ward mission leaders nephew who never got baptised for some reason. He is 9 years old. He is the man! He is so fun to teach and he really wants to learn. He asked if we could help him with his testimony in the Duty to God booklet or something like that. But he really wanted to write it out. I love teaching kids. You just make the lesson really fun. So we have been busy with lessons and trade offs with our members. It has been an awesome week. The work is hastening in the Blockhouse Bay area! 
We also had a mission tour. It’s pretty much a zone conference but we had our new area president there with us which was pretty cool. It was super spiritual and he gave some great advice. So that was cool. I think you will think this is pretty cool. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we go to our members house to do some boxing! He trains us. It’s so cool. We don't fight each other for obvious reasons but we do the type of training boxers do. Its super hard and it’s the quickest way to get big. So my comp and I will be massive hopefully ha. Ok not massive but there will be some increase in muscle. That’s pretty much my week.

To answer your questions, Heaps of islanders have family in the states. Especially Utah and California. There are more people who want to play football here and so I have come across a few that want to go play football at BYU. Anyways thats all I got. I love you heaps!

Elder Shannon 

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