Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Monday, July 11, 2016

Trunks Transfers

Kia Ora! 

Good evening. Well I just have to say that this past week, I have been a little trunky because today we find out about transfers and I'm expecting to get transferred so this last week was a bit hard, haha. I did my best to stay focused. Anyways the week was a struggle. I was sick and it was pretty bad. I wasn't feeling super well Sunday night and all through Monday. I didn't think much of it until I tried eating Monday night and it almost came back out. I had the chills really bad with a side of extreme coughing. This caused my companion and I to have to stay inside most of the week because the cold air would infiltrate my lungs and attack my body from the inside out. 

Tuesday I had to do the training for district meeting and I was just miserable the whole time and it was super hard to remained focused. The only other thing we had that day was an appointment with a less active family that we didn't want to miss. That went pretty good. We talked about the Atonement with them and got them to reflect on it and showed the bible video clip of the Atonement and it was pretty powerful and was super cool. Again we went straight back to the flat because I could not deal with the cold air. 

Wednesday was probably the best sleep I have ever had in my life! I slept for about 15 hours. My companion let me sleep in because he figured it would be good for me. haha I felt super bad when I woke up and realized how long I had slept. But I will have to wait another year till I can get another good nights sleep like that haha. We ended up getting sick of the flat so we left and tried to figuring out something to do because the mission nurse didn't really want me in peoples houses so we just biked around talking to people. We did much of the same on Thursday. 
Friday was much better because we had a full day of proselyting. There is this less active lady in our ward who wanted us to come give her house a blessing on her house because her internet and her toilet wasn't working properly. So he went over and explained to her that that isn't really possible but we could still bless the house. It was just a strange situation haha. She is a crazy old little lady. Sunday was solid. I have really just come to love the Sabbath on the mission. Its always a "Delight". 
Anyways at church on Sunday our Gospel Principles class was completely full. The fullest its ever been! It was so awesome. We legit didn't have enough room in the classroom to fit everyone. The lesson was on repentance and I was teaching and it went really well. I was thoroughly impressed with myself. Later in the evening we had an FHE planned with a few of the young couples in the ward hoping that they would be good fellowship for one of the families we are teaching. But our investigators ended up canceling on us because of a death in the family. We still ended up doing the FHE with our members and it was awesome! We had a massive feed and than had a lesson afterwards that we did. We changed the lesson last minute because we had prepared for our investigators. We were given the question by our mission president; "Why are you a member?" So we asked them that question and had them write it down. The spirit was really strong and we shared a few scriptures with them. It was super solid. 

But I would like to pose that same question to you as well. Why are you a member? What makes you remain active in the church? Why? Think about this and ponder it. There are very obvious answers that come to your mind almost straight away, but think deeper and than write it down and continue to add to it. For me I was thinking about this question the other day and I was reading in D&C 135 and this is talking about the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith. There is a line I really liked from v.6 Its says; "They lived for glory, they died for glory, and glory shall be there eternal reward." I than asked my self "What do I live for?" It just gets you thinking. Also I have a reading challenge for you. I have been studying the Atonement lately and I have read it from all 4 gospels in the New Testament. It was so cool. But the challenge is to read it from 2 of the 4 gospels. I have come to a greater knowledge of the Atonement and has helped me get through heaps! If you want you can read it out of all 4 but 2 will be just fine. The accounts I like the most are Matthew and Luke. That is all I have for now. Thats my week and challenges I would like to place upon you. Only if your up to it. :) It will change you life ha. I love you heaps and I am grateful for your love and support you consistently give me. Love ya!

Elder Shannon

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