Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Monday, July 4, 2016

Weekly Update

Kia Ora!

Well, this week has been pretty boring to be honest. Not that it wasn't good just not much happened this week. 
Tuesday we had our weekly lesson with the Makata Family. We taught about Temples. It was a pretty solid lesson. We are starting to run out of things to teach them and that was one we came up with. The lesson was good none the less. 

Nothing really happened on Wednesday. 

Thursday we had zone training. Normally we would be able to catch a ride with the zone leaders for zone training because it was so far away but they didn't have any K's so we had to bike. The stake center is on the other side of the zone which is really far. So we biked there and we had to leave super early in the morning to get there on time. So that was quite a mish to do that. But zone training was good. We talked mostly about how we get better and get members more involved in missionary work. It was really good. Later that night we got to take our ward mission leader out with us for a few hours which was awesome! He is super young and got home from his mission about a year and a half ago. It felt like he was another missionary which was really cool. He made it really fun for us. He is just the man haha. We had a good lesson with a less active family with him that went really well. It was nice to have a member with us. 

On Friday we had a ward activity which was going to be a massive feed and than a few performances and then a dance afterwards. All day Friday we went to heaps of less actives and investigators houses inviting them to the activity. We had a massive turn out. Almost half of everyone that was there was either investigators or less actives which was so sick! It was awesome and was super fun. Our investigators really loved it. to be honest that’s about all that happened this week. I’m super jealous that you are in Lake Powell still. I have been thinking about it all week haha. But I’m doing pretty good at this point. Just a really simple week this last week. 

I did get my package. The lollies are awesome! Thank you so much for that. That’s all I really have from this week. 

Love ya heaps!

Elder Shannon

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