Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, August 28, 2016

He is My Brother

Malo Lelei

Man this week has been super busy. It was transfer week and so much was going on. Because my companion was going home there was a lot of things that needed to get done and we had to drive every where. I did a lot of driving this last week, I am pretty sick of driving at this point. 
Tuesday night I said goodbye to my companion which was pretty sad. In my mission family he is my brother and that is what our relationship felt like. We talked to each other like we had no each other our while lives. It was so cool. He legit felt like an older brother to me. So I will miss him a lot. But the work must go on. 
This transfer I will be training again for the second time which I still don't know how I feel about. I was hoping to be with an experienced missionary. The ward we are in is kinda sick of new missionaries and it needs someone who is a little more experienced. But its algood. 
My companion is Elder Ateo. He is from Tahiti which is cool. He speaks French so you know I will be learning some French this transfer. He is the freaking man! He is awesome. He English isn't very good though so it makes difficult to communicate. I just have to talk slower and change the way I talk. I will be quite the test for me but I excited because once you know you are going to experience something hard, you will learn from it. It just comes down to my attitude. I am really excited because he is really cool and new  missionaries always have a good desire to go out and work which is a good remainder for me to remember to stay positive even when it can be hard. He is super funny too. He doesn't talk much but when he does its always something funny haha. 
We didn't have much time for proselyting this weak due to sorting out everything for transferrers and such. We can’t use our car this week because I have gone way over the K allotment and We have to wait till the start of the new month till the K's reset.  
Right now we are trying to work really close with the members in our ward to help us with finding and so every 1st and 2nd Sunday of the month we teach each auxiliary about missionary work and how they can help. We do role plays and give them different scenarios on how they can invite friends, family, work mates... and so on. 
Oh yeah I am back to district leader again which I am kinda bummed about because I like not having to worry about anyone else. I get to just do missionary work. But it’s algood. I will make it fun and enjoyable. 
Our zone is pretty cool. Everyone is really close with each other and it makes the work a lot more fun because we are all willing to help each other. Not much has happened this week. NO crazy stories or anything like that. Just pretty normal so I will leave it at that. 
I hope you have a great week. 

Love ya!

Elder Shannon

Sunday, August 21, 2016

It's About Time!

My oh my! What a great week it was. The highlight of our week was the baptisms we had on Saturday. It was such a good feeling just being able to be a part of the baptism and to teach these people. It honestly has felt so good. The hard work pays off. And to make it better its been a year and a half since this ward has had a baptism and our ward was just really excited. All we have been doing all week is just making sure everything is algood for the baptism. The cool thing is is that our zone has a total of 12 set for baptism this month which is super high for us and so we have all been helping each other out cleaning the baptismal font which haven't been used in ages. 
This last Saturday we just went to baptisms all day that were going on in the zone which was cool. All the missionaries in the zone are just buzzing right now because of all that has happened and that is coming up for us. 
On Sunday our ward mission leader put on a massive feed for us and our investigators that got baptised. He got like 3 pigs and roasted them which was mean. But freak there was so much food. The good thing is, is that my body doesn't want to get fat so I have been able to eat heaps and not have me grow out ward in size. That’s been a plus for me. 
We have transfers this week and I will find out who my new companion is tonight. I also got to see my mission parents last night! It was good to see them again. They were in my last area and I got pretty close with them. We got to catch up last night as well with my last companion and we talked about all the memories we had the 3 transfers we were together. 
I am running short on time today because it is our zone p day and we are doing the olympics today which will be pretty fun. I don't think there is anything else that I am missing from this past week. I am feeling truly blessed for all that I have experienced so far and the blessings I have been able to see from serving the Lord. 
Here are the pictures from this last week. 
Love ya heaps

Elder Shannon 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

It's Been a Good Week


Well this past week has been really good. This transfer has gone by really fast and it’s just been crazy! My companion Elder Chong-nee goes home next week and he is getting pretty trunky which makes me trunky and the cycle goes on haha. It’s a good trunky, not the lazy one. We have been working very hard. 
We had our “annual” FHE with Maria and Julius. That was alright, nothing interesting really happened, but we had another lesson with them on Wednesday and that was mean. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them. And was a really good lesson for Maria. We talked more about the blessings that come from baptism. She expressed to us that she didn't think she would be able to live up to the covenant that we make when we are baptised and I started thinking about what I could share with her. I couldn't think of anything so I decided to use the good ol' Book Of Mormon. We shared with her Ether 12:6, that’s talking about faith. We receive a witness after the trail of our faith. It really got her thinking and than her husband said she was ready to be baptised! She is just too scared to do it! But she has been thinking about it. Oh and this was pretty cool. The next morning she texted us "Alma 37:37 have a blessed day Elders, thanks for all you do." When my companion and I saw this we were like "what the heck?" It was cool that she is texting us scriptures from the Book Of Mormon. On sunday after church they invited us over for lunch and we got talking about there daughters baptism and Maria was asking if people have been baptised last minute and stuff like that. So she is legit just playing with our minds right now like every freaking girl on the planet earth does! But we really really think she will get baptised this week! We are just really holding out. 

Anyways, that is that. Eva and Ma'u are still algood for there baptism this Saturday and we are excited for that. We also had interviews with President this week. And my oh my it was awesome! I have had some questions that I have been waiting to ask him and it was good to finally get some answers. But I had a good time with President Balli. We had a few laughs. But what really made my week was when he started talking about my past companions and he asked "how many of my companions have been either from the islands or Australia?" And I said "I have only have had 1 comp from the states and the rest have been from the pacific." He later asked if I had kept in contact with any of them and I said no. (And by the way 5 of them have finished) So he went on to say that he wants me to contact them sand just see how they are doing and so he said I could get on facebook to do so! So I was shocked when he said that. He said he is slowly going to start letting some missionaries use facebook now and I am one of them so I am pumped. The only thing is we can't browse around. But this allows me to talk to my trainer who finished last November and so I am so happy. Our morning work out is still awesome. We had a solid boxing session this morning that just beat the crap out of our bodies. The dude just made us punch the bag as fast as we could. Its a good cardio work out for the upper body and I am so sore right now. Good thing it’s fun our else it would suck, it’s just hard. But that’s all from this week!

Elder Shannon

Why Don't You Understand?

Kia Ora 

Well This week was build ups. And what I mean by that is the week was a let down. So Last Monday we had that FHE with our investigators. It didn't go the way we hoped. We always take our ward mission leader with us to build the fellowship. Freak the dude just talked the whole time and didn't give us any time to share anything that would help them. It was so annoying. Like it was algood talking and stuff but he just talked to long. So when we set another appointment with them on Thursday. 
So we go on Thursday. We get there and we told them we were going to teach the Restoration. And they have been taught every lesson about 4 times in  the past few years. And they are very bible oriented people. So the first question that arises is about Joseph Smith. "Where is Joseph Smith in the bible? Why Joseph Smith? Isn't there someone else who new more about Jesus Christ?" They wanted proof other than the book of Mormon. But the answer to that question is the book of Mormon. So it was super tough and we didn't really know how to respond. They just kept asking question after question. We had some good discussions but it just wasn't getting through to them. So we didn't really accomplish anything with them. But when we got to our car we started talking about how it went and my companion and I both said we had other things we wanted to bring up but they went to fast for us. It was so frustrating. We wanted to tell them that in order to know the truth you have to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. And if it is true, than Joseph Smith is a prophet. But we didn't get the chance to say it. So using our 3 years of experience we came up with a plan for tonight when we go see them. They want to learn but just struggle gaining the faith and trust to do it. Maria is ready for baptism. She is very involved in Sunday school which is cool and really loves it! She would be such a good member. Its just her husband that can be kind of an egg. But they really like having us over. They are just scared to do anything. So hopefully tonight we can see some progress. So that's Maria & Julius. 
Ma'u our other investigator is the man. He is 9 years old and just loves having us over. He is super funny. He is getting baptised on the 20th so we are excited about that. Also this last week we went on trade off with the zone leaders because one of them was sick and they had some important appointments to go to so I went with One of them into there area. That was good. Friday we did a service project for like 4 hours. All the elders in the zone helped paint a house. It was pretty fun. It just took ages. 
Our morning workouts are so cool. I love it because I'm learning how to box and I feel like I'm jacked afterwards. It builds you upper body really fast. But if there is anyone to pray for its our investigators Maria & Julius. We really want them to get baptised because they really like coming to church and being with all the members. 
That’s about all this week though. I can’t think of anything else to say or talk about. Yeah thats all I got haha. 

Love ya heaps! 

Elder Shannon