Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, August 28, 2016

He is My Brother

Malo Lelei

Man this week has been super busy. It was transfer week and so much was going on. Because my companion was going home there was a lot of things that needed to get done and we had to drive every where. I did a lot of driving this last week, I am pretty sick of driving at this point. 
Tuesday night I said goodbye to my companion which was pretty sad. In my mission family he is my brother and that is what our relationship felt like. We talked to each other like we had no each other our while lives. It was so cool. He legit felt like an older brother to me. So I will miss him a lot. But the work must go on. 
This transfer I will be training again for the second time which I still don't know how I feel about. I was hoping to be with an experienced missionary. The ward we are in is kinda sick of new missionaries and it needs someone who is a little more experienced. But its algood. 
My companion is Elder Ateo. He is from Tahiti which is cool. He speaks French so you know I will be learning some French this transfer. He is the freaking man! He is awesome. He English isn't very good though so it makes difficult to communicate. I just have to talk slower and change the way I talk. I will be quite the test for me but I excited because once you know you are going to experience something hard, you will learn from it. It just comes down to my attitude. I am really excited because he is really cool and new  missionaries always have a good desire to go out and work which is a good remainder for me to remember to stay positive even when it can be hard. He is super funny too. He doesn't talk much but when he does its always something funny haha. 
We didn't have much time for proselyting this weak due to sorting out everything for transferrers and such. We can’t use our car this week because I have gone way over the K allotment and We have to wait till the start of the new month till the K's reset.  
Right now we are trying to work really close with the members in our ward to help us with finding and so every 1st and 2nd Sunday of the month we teach each auxiliary about missionary work and how they can help. We do role plays and give them different scenarios on how they can invite friends, family, work mates... and so on. 
Oh yeah I am back to district leader again which I am kinda bummed about because I like not having to worry about anyone else. I get to just do missionary work. But it’s algood. I will make it fun and enjoyable. 
Our zone is pretty cool. Everyone is really close with each other and it makes the work a lot more fun because we are all willing to help each other. Not much has happened this week. NO crazy stories or anything like that. Just pretty normal so I will leave it at that. 
I hope you have a great week. 

Love ya!

Elder Shannon

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