Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, August 14, 2016

It's Been a Good Week


Well this past week has been really good. This transfer has gone by really fast and it’s just been crazy! My companion Elder Chong-nee goes home next week and he is getting pretty trunky which makes me trunky and the cycle goes on haha. It’s a good trunky, not the lazy one. We have been working very hard. 
We had our “annual” FHE with Maria and Julius. That was alright, nothing interesting really happened, but we had another lesson with them on Wednesday and that was mean. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them. And was a really good lesson for Maria. We talked more about the blessings that come from baptism. She expressed to us that she didn't think she would be able to live up to the covenant that we make when we are baptised and I started thinking about what I could share with her. I couldn't think of anything so I decided to use the good ol' Book Of Mormon. We shared with her Ether 12:6, that’s talking about faith. We receive a witness after the trail of our faith. It really got her thinking and than her husband said she was ready to be baptised! She is just too scared to do it! But she has been thinking about it. Oh and this was pretty cool. The next morning she texted us "Alma 37:37 have a blessed day Elders, thanks for all you do." When my companion and I saw this we were like "what the heck?" It was cool that she is texting us scriptures from the Book Of Mormon. On sunday after church they invited us over for lunch and we got talking about there daughters baptism and Maria was asking if people have been baptised last minute and stuff like that. So she is legit just playing with our minds right now like every freaking girl on the planet earth does! But we really really think she will get baptised this week! We are just really holding out. 

Anyways, that is that. Eva and Ma'u are still algood for there baptism this Saturday and we are excited for that. We also had interviews with President this week. And my oh my it was awesome! I have had some questions that I have been waiting to ask him and it was good to finally get some answers. But I had a good time with President Balli. We had a few laughs. But what really made my week was when he started talking about my past companions and he asked "how many of my companions have been either from the islands or Australia?" And I said "I have only have had 1 comp from the states and the rest have been from the pacific." He later asked if I had kept in contact with any of them and I said no. (And by the way 5 of them have finished) So he went on to say that he wants me to contact them sand just see how they are doing and so he said I could get on facebook to do so! So I was shocked when he said that. He said he is slowly going to start letting some missionaries use facebook now and I am one of them so I am pumped. The only thing is we can't browse around. But this allows me to talk to my trainer who finished last November and so I am so happy. Our morning work out is still awesome. We had a solid boxing session this morning that just beat the crap out of our bodies. The dude just made us punch the bag as fast as we could. Its a good cardio work out for the upper body and I am so sore right now. Good thing it’s fun our else it would suck, it’s just hard. But that’s all from this week!

Elder Shannon

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