Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Book of Mormon

Kia Ora

This past week was really good. We had Zone Conference on Tuesday this last week and it was one of the more enjoyable ones that I have been in. We talked about the book of Mormon a lot which was really cool and we talked about how it has influenced our lives and related to us instead of just our investigators. It helped give a different perspective on it. 
We also have a baptism coming up and that end of the month which is sweet. It’s jasmine and Riley. I don't know if I have talked about them before but its a mother and her oldest son who is 15. Her other kids were baptized when they were in Niue. They are keen as to getting baptized so we are excite for that. 
We also found a new investigator in the strangest way. We were sitting in church yesterday and just after the sacrament was passed, this young Asian fella walks in. And when he walked in I looked towards the  bishopric to see what their reaction was to some random guy walking in. Their faces were
a crack up hahaha. They lit up so fast and were kinda confused at the same time. That was pretty funny, anyways to continue. After sacrament meeting we went up to talk to him and he told us that he is looking for a place to worship and he found our chapel. Now the reason this is so weird and strange is because if I were to be looking for a chapel to go worship at. Ours would probably be the last. Its pretty hidden behind a few houses and there's a long drive way you have to drive through to get there. So the fact that he saw it was incredible. But it was awesome because our members were on top of it. One of our
members grabbed him during the 3rd hour and took him to the primary and the youth and some of the other classes that were going on and it really intrigued him. So it was really cool. And the cool thing with this member is him and is wife have only been married for a year now and have no kids yet. But they had him over for lunch after church and had a talk with him  They gave him a book of Mormon and committed him
to read it and he accepted. So we haven't done jack and the dude already has a book of Mormon and wants to keep coming to our church. It’s freaking awesome. So that was like a miracle that, that happened. Oh and his name is Taeo. I forgot that haha. But things are going sweet right now. 
Elder Ateo and I had a pretty trunky moment this past week as well. Every week we go to see this old less active lady who is like 85. She is always giving us good words of wisdom. But this particular time she talked about finding a spouse and just always loving them and all this other stuff. It freaking killed me. My goodness. Elder Ateo and I talked about it afterwards and it made us both so trunky. Freak it was bad. It took us a few days to get over ha. But thats about all the happened this week. It was a good one. I love you heaps and hope you have a great week!

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