Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Things Are Coming Together Nicely

Kia Ora

Things have been pretty solid this past week. The work is starting to progress a lot more right now which is good. Our members are slowly starting to get better. We were having lunch with one of our members on Saturday and they were telling us that a previous missionary who was in this ward was pretty rude and was just being a prideful American as we all are. He just took things to far in things he said and said that this ward isn't as good as others. It really killed it for most of the members and I am pretty sure that is why it is a struggle. But the good thing is is the member we had lunch with was the first time they had missionaries over since then and that was like a year ago. so we are establishing the trust between us and the members which is really good. So that’s kinda the situation with our members.

We have found 2 new investigators this past week. One is an Asian brotha and the other is an Indian lady. Auckland is a very diverse place. So that was really good for us. We are hoping to start teaching them this week. We have 2 people who we could potentially set for baptism this month and we are also hoping to do that this week as well. Things have started to go our way this past week. Elder Ateo is starting to open up a lot more which is really good. It’s helping him a lot with his English.

We had stake conference this weekend and I really just love stake conference on the mission. Our President Balli always comes to each stake conference and he gives talks like he's an apostle. Its so freaking awesome. I just love the man. I’m pretty sure everyone says
that about their mission president. Mission presidents are cool. 

We have zone conference this upcoming week. Zone conference is good. It just takes all day and you get so exhausted afterwards which is weird. Oh here is something interesting, well I think its interesting. You probably won’t. But it has been a while since I have cut the top of my hair. I normally just cut the sides and grow out the top. When I got out of the shower this morning I was playing with my hair while it was wet and I pulled it down to see how long it is and it goes to the bottom of my eyes which is pretty long haha. So I decided I need to get a haircut so I will be doing that today. I just thought you should know because thats like the longest my hair has ever been. 

That is pretty much my week. Here is a picture of us at a hidden beach we
found on a cloudy day (:

Elder Shannon

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