Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, October 23, 2016

An All Blacks Win!

Kia ora!

What a crazy week it has been. Not only for us but other events going on around Auckland. I will start from the beginning of the week. 
On Monday we played touch for ages which was really fun. We played for about 3 hours straight. On Tuesday we had district meeting. District meeting was really cool. I decided to change it up a little bit because I was starting to sense a lack of motivation from the missionaries in my district. So for the accountability part I had everyone get up by them selves and tell us why they are on a mission and what they want to accomplish while they are on there mission.  It was basically a testimony meeting. It turned out way better than I thought. It was a real spiritual district meeting. I just wanted to have everyone remember why they are out here and it seemed to have got them going.  
After that we talked about balancing out the fun and the work. That was another problem I noticed and the zone leaders noticed as well. Everyone kinda turned into boring missionaries and we wanted them to know that you can have fun on the mission while you are working. Because everyone who has served a mission will tell you its not easy, and having the moments of fun or whatever it is can turn your day around. Everyone within the district had a good response. So it was really awesome. 
Wednesday was cool as well. We got to go sit in on a lesson with one of the sister companionships in my district. it was probably the most awkward lesson I have been apart of on the mission. It was boring and the transitions between gospel points were really bad. It was hard to watch. Both of them are still new. Neither of them have been out 6 months yet. But it was just really awkward. I had the opportunity to interview their investigator afterwards because she was getting baptised. That was a catastrophe. 
Thursday we had to take our car in to replace the bumper. The missionaries before us didn't take good care of the car and so we had to deal with everything they didn't do which is frustrating. We won't get it back till sometime this week and than once we get it back we have to take it in to get it serviced. I'm starting to get the feel of what it will be like to own my own car and stuff. It's annoying but good to learn.
Saturday was cool. Our ward mission leaders daughter turned 8 and was baptised Saturday morning. After the baptism they put on a feed for everyone. And the amount of food that was there was unreal. It took a trailer and 3 vans to get all the food to the chapel. It was unreal. And not only that, the pots they were using for the food were about twice the size of a regular car tire. So we had a nice feed that afternoon. 
Later that night the All Blacks Played Australia her in Auckland. I have talked about what it is like when an All Blacks game is on but this was different. The stadium is about 10 minutes away from where we live. There is no parking at all. Everything within a mile of the stadium they block of and every source of transportation is dedicated to getting people to and from the game. Not only that but they were playing the Wallabies (Australia). That is Like BYU and Utah playing each other. Imagine what the state of Utah is like when they play. It’s the same here for the All Blacks vs Australia. It’s nuts.
This morning we went to a baptism which was pretty good and that’s why this email is a bit latter. Thats my week. I still haven't got my garments. We should be getting mail next week so. yeah. I love you heaps!

Elder Shannon

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ward Harvest


I don't have much time this week so I will try and squeeze in everything I can. This week was really frustrating for us. Trying to contact all the investigators that we are working with has become almost impossible. They are never home or they won't answer there
phone. It has really slowed the work down for us and its frustrating because when things were getting good it suddenly turns on us. 
There was a night this last week when I hardly slept because it was bothering me so bad and I felt like I wasn't doing everything I could.  But I had to remind my self that I can't control everything that happens. We are planning on doing a "Ward Harvest" where our ward will get together on a Saturday and tract out our whole area, or as much of it as we can. That will help us out heaps and we hope it works out. That’s how the work is going and stuff.

You wanna know what grinds my gears? Is when people ask me who I am voting for as if I am going to vote. I'm like bruh, I ain’t got time for that. And then they update me on what's happening. It gets kinda annoying. Like if I was back home I would love to watch it but some of the people have no idea what is really going on with the whole thing and they don't get it. That’s all people want to talk about when they find out I'm from America. 

We have interviews coming up in a few weeks which I am excited about. Honestly If our mission president isn't a member of the seventy when he gets back I might throw a huge fit. Not really, but he has the potential for sure.  Just the way he carries himself and how he does things. Everyone has a huge respect for him. 

For the rest of the day we will be playing touch with the other missionaries and some of our members. That’s all we really ever do. We don't have to worry about washing because we just do it at our flat whenever we want so it’s nice. Sorry for the lack of pictures as well.  I will improve on that this next week. That’s all I have time for today. Sorry it’s not the usual and that I didn't answer all of your questions. I love you heaps and hope you have a good week!

Elder Shannon

Monday, October 10, 2016

General Conference!!

Kia Ora!

This week has been pretty solid. There wasn't a whole lot of time for proselyting due to it being transfer week and General Conference. So yeah transfers… Elder Ateo and I are both staying which we are excited about. The more my companion talks the funnier he is. Missionaries or returned missionaries that have had comps from Tahiti say that they
are always funny. It is finally starting to show from my companion as well. So its been good for him to get more comfortable with his English. 
One of the missionaries in my district got called to be a District Leader. And when Elders go into leadership, they get a hiding from the other missionaries. Normally it’s a stick to the bum. It’s the way islanders do things. So we gave him 2 solid smacks on the bum with
a stick. I was honored to be able to give him a good ol' wack. So that was fun. The Zone leader one is bad, You get it from every Elder in the zone. 
Tuesday to Thursday I was helping out with transfers with in the zone. Helping people pack, clean, take them places, etc… About half our zone got transferred out which was pretty sad. We were a pretty close zone and super united. It effected everyone within the
zone, so yeah.  
The only day we had to proselyte was Friday. Because of the time difference we got conference a week later so we had that this weekend. I just really love General Conference. It was so nice to have it based around missionary work and the book of Mormon. Almost every talk nailed it for each member in NZ and what they should be
One of my favorite talks was from Carl B. Cook. Everything he covered was prefect! Just simply serving and helping each other with in the ward and outside. So I really enjoyed that. There were some things that I could also do better in as well as a missionary. Man
that's all that happened this week. Just really busy with transfers and General Conference. 
Ever since I was sick a few weeks ago I haven't been able to eat as much which is good. But I have been eating a lot lately so…
To answer your question mom - There have been several instances where I have been prompted to do something. Like if we aren't in the car and we are out walking, I will
be prompted to go knock on a house that we pass by and when we knock no one answers or they are not interested. I think it is the spirit testing me to see if I am paying attention. But there have been several instances where I have born testimony and stuff just comes out that I don't even know. It’s the strangest most weird feeling. So yeah. That’s all I have for this week. Sorry I don't have much more to say. 
I love you heaps!

Elder Shannon

Picture of the Tongan Crest -

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Spring Cleaning!


This week has been pretty crummy. I was sick for most of the week. I got some stomach virus and it caused my body to clean its self out. So that was fun ): …not. But it is just in time for spring. It’s almost spring here and I just want winter to end because I hate the rain. But yeah, my body did a spring cleaning. It caused me to miss a zone training which was a bummer. I'm doing a lot better now though.  

Nothing really happened this week with me being sick. I did how ever get to watch Ephraim's rescue. It’s cool to see him using the gifts God gave him to help and serve others. But what really stuck out to me is the way he treats his priesthood. Every time before he gave a blessing he would wash his hands to signify that the priesthood isn't something we should take lightly. You have to be worthy and clean to hold and even administer. I just really love that he washes his hands to show that.

This week is the last week of the transfer which is weird! It went by so fast. I will most likely be staying in this area with Elder Ateo.  It will be good to stay here with him again. I love when a new month starts and we get our meal roster for the month of who is feeding us.  This month will be good. The members that put there names down put on
massive feeds which is sweet. I'm doing really well at maintaining my weight. My body doesn't want to get any bigger which is sweet hahah. The weather is slowly starting to get warmer. It will get there eventually.

Here's a cool story. So there is this professional boxer named Joseph Parker. He is and active member of the church and is the freaking man at boxing. Only the people here in the Pacific really know about him but he is starting to get big. He is way more talented than everyone down here and is looking for competition for overseas. He has a fight coming up in November against Anthony Joshua who is from the UK and is really good. Joseph Parker is the underdog. But if he wins it will put him on the map! What I am getting at is it is cool that there are some really freaking cool members out in this world that do awesome things. He lives in our mission too. Hopefully I will get to serve in his
stake sometime because that would be really cool.

Elder Shannon