Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, October 23, 2016

An All Blacks Win!

Kia ora!

What a crazy week it has been. Not only for us but other events going on around Auckland. I will start from the beginning of the week. 
On Monday we played touch for ages which was really fun. We played for about 3 hours straight. On Tuesday we had district meeting. District meeting was really cool. I decided to change it up a little bit because I was starting to sense a lack of motivation from the missionaries in my district. So for the accountability part I had everyone get up by them selves and tell us why they are on a mission and what they want to accomplish while they are on there mission.  It was basically a testimony meeting. It turned out way better than I thought. It was a real spiritual district meeting. I just wanted to have everyone remember why they are out here and it seemed to have got them going.  
After that we talked about balancing out the fun and the work. That was another problem I noticed and the zone leaders noticed as well. Everyone kinda turned into boring missionaries and we wanted them to know that you can have fun on the mission while you are working. Because everyone who has served a mission will tell you its not easy, and having the moments of fun or whatever it is can turn your day around. Everyone within the district had a good response. So it was really awesome. 
Wednesday was cool as well. We got to go sit in on a lesson with one of the sister companionships in my district. it was probably the most awkward lesson I have been apart of on the mission. It was boring and the transitions between gospel points were really bad. It was hard to watch. Both of them are still new. Neither of them have been out 6 months yet. But it was just really awkward. I had the opportunity to interview their investigator afterwards because she was getting baptised. That was a catastrophe. 
Thursday we had to take our car in to replace the bumper. The missionaries before us didn't take good care of the car and so we had to deal with everything they didn't do which is frustrating. We won't get it back till sometime this week and than once we get it back we have to take it in to get it serviced. I'm starting to get the feel of what it will be like to own my own car and stuff. It's annoying but good to learn.
Saturday was cool. Our ward mission leaders daughter turned 8 and was baptised Saturday morning. After the baptism they put on a feed for everyone. And the amount of food that was there was unreal. It took a trailer and 3 vans to get all the food to the chapel. It was unreal. And not only that, the pots they were using for the food were about twice the size of a regular car tire. So we had a nice feed that afternoon. 
Later that night the All Blacks Played Australia her in Auckland. I have talked about what it is like when an All Blacks game is on but this was different. The stadium is about 10 minutes away from where we live. There is no parking at all. Everything within a mile of the stadium they block of and every source of transportation is dedicated to getting people to and from the game. Not only that but they were playing the Wallabies (Australia). That is Like BYU and Utah playing each other. Imagine what the state of Utah is like when they play. It’s the same here for the All Blacks vs Australia. It’s nuts.
This morning we went to a baptism which was pretty good and that’s why this email is a bit latter. Thats my week. I still haven't got my garments. We should be getting mail next week so. yeah. I love you heaps!

Elder Shannon

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