Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Crazy Week

November 13, 2016

Kia Ora

Man this week has been crazy. First off I have been working on getting a tan because I am way to white. Its coming along nicely I must say.  That been a positive for me this week. we had interviews this week and that was good. I feel bad for our mission President because he just looks so tired. we were the second to last zone to have ours and just from looking at him he just looked beat. He was tired from sitting down so when he was interviewing me he stood up the whole time and it was weird and kinda awkward. But I really enjoyed interviews.
Elections here were crazy! It’s crazy to think how much this election has not only effected America, but the whole world!! Some of the people are pretty upset that Trump won. It’s just crazy. Now that’s all people talk about when I am with them. I thought it was pretty
annoying when people would ask me about it before but now it’s just too much. 
On the other hand we had an awesome week with the work! We pumped it out this week. A way I like to check our progress in our area is by how many less actives and investigators come to church. We had a combined 10 less actives and Investigators at church this last Sunday. We were so pumped when sacrament meeting started and we saw
the chapel full. It is such a good feeling. Elder Ateo and I had to speak in sacrament meeting as well about missionary work. It was Elder Ateo's first time speaking in church in English and he smashed it. Before he went up he kept telling me how scared he was and that he was really nervous. But he did awesome. It’s been cool being able to help him and to see him improve. I just love the dude. Oh funny story, while we were driving we saw this kid on the foot path walking and while he was walking he was practicing his dabbing skills. it was crack up. We wanted to film it so bad but it all happened so fast. But
we were dying  after wards. 
We had a sweet lesson with Maria and Julius who are our investigators. We haven't seen them almost all transfer because they have been busy and they haven't come to church in 3 months. They were happy to see us and that honestly is such a good feeling when your investigators love seeing you. it just shows that they love you and its awesome. lets see thats all that happened this week. 
Today we are having our zone p-day and we are going to a beach to have a BBQ and play some touch so it will be pretty chill. Transfers are this week as well so we will find out what is happening. It will be interesting. 
Everything is good over here. I’m sure the people in America are slowly going to start to tear the country apart. Good thing I’m not there. Nah jokes but it’s funny because there isn't a single thing to worry about here in NZ. Honestly. nothing is wrong with the country. No one is ever killed, the cops are gangsta here and are just the nicest people. I just love it here. I wouldn't  mind living here. If I were to marry someone from here I would consider living here. so yeah thats me for the week. Love you heaps!

Elder Shannon

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