Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Weekly Update :)

Kia Ora,

I will start off by apologizing that my subject to this email is really boring. I couldn't think of anything else to name it. But this week has been good. What I love most about the YSA ward is how involved everyone gets with everything. It’s a decent size ward. On average there is about 150 people that come every week which is good. The missionary work in the ward is awesome! It kinda has to be as well because its hard to find YSA age people that want to learn about the gospel. Most of our investigators are member referrals. It makes things super easy when the members are doing there part. The fellowship is awesome as well. The crazy thing is, is that we are the only missionaries assigned to the ward. Our area is so massive. We are talking to President about adding sisters as well to work with the sisters in the ward. 

What I really like so far is how fun they make everything. every other week we have rescue night, but they call it "Oreo night" We meet up and go visit people. Once we finish we meet back up and talk about our visits with bishop and than have Oreos and milk for dessert. So it’s pretty mean. 

When it comes to feeding the missionaries, It’s a struggle. Heaps of people sign up to feed us but end up canceling last minute. It gets pretty annoying but they are just your typical young single adults. But we can visit any members we want in any area which is sweet! So when someone cancels, we will just go to a member that we previously knew and ask them if they want to feed us. So it ends up working out in the end. 

Ward councils are freaking awesome as well. Once a month we will go to bishops house Sunday morning at 9 and we have breakfast with the ward council. After we eat we have our meeting and than go to church after that. I just really love it! Everyone is so cool. I don't have to try really hard to connect with the YSA because they understand. So that is such a huge relief.

Later in the week on Wednesday we had trade off’s with the assistants and I went with Elder Bass in their area. We had a good time on trade offs. We came out together and so it was cool and we just made each other really trunky the whole time. It was fun haha. Thursday was a hectic day for us. We did heaps of driving that day. We went all the way down to South Auckland for mcm at lunch, after that we had to come all the way back to where we live to visit a few more people.   After that we then had to go all the way out to West Auckland Where we did service for a less active. One thing I love about service projects here is they are done island style. They don't use as many tools and some of the tools they use are way different from what we use. One of the ones the use is a machete. I was hacking at a massive pile of vines with it and it was a hoot. I felt like the freaking man. We also use more of our hands. No gloves, no little gardening tools. Just you and the garden. It makes it more fun though. 

Friday we had this awesome lesson with a girl named Georgia who after became our new investigator. She is friends with one of our members who is a recent convert. We taught her the Plan Of Salvation and she loved it. I have honestly never seen someone get so excited as she did. The spirit was so strong and she was just loving it. Next time we will teach the restoration and invite her to be baptized. We are so excited and hope everything works out for us. All is well from my end. Things are going great. 

I love you heaps!

Elder Shannon

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