Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Lunch with a Famous Person


This past week has been pretty crazy. We were really busy doing different things. On Tuesday we had a specialized training which is pretty much just like a zone conference but not as long. Thankfully :) But it was really intense. President expressed that he does not like who we are as missionaries. He gave an analogy using flashlights. One of the flash lights was big and heavy but the the light was dim and wasn't very bright. The other one was small and the light was really bright. He than went on to say that we might think that if we have the big flash light that we will be able to see more and that the light will be brighter. But that's not always the case. Then he asked "if there is any one that doesn't want to be here I will be more than happy to send you home " He is the kind of guy that will convince you to stay because he loves you and wants you to be successful but now it’s
changed. He brought the hammer down on us. He always addresses obedience and stuff but he has never been as bold as he was. It was one of the more intense meetings I have been in. So that was good I guess you could say. 
Friday was really cool. I don't know if you payed attention in the Olympics this year but New Zealand isn't very good at anything but they have one person who does shot put and she is the best in the world. Her name is Valerie Adams. She took silver in shot put this year. It shocked everyone that she did't take gold this year. But anyways, She is also a member and she joined the church just a few years ago and is married in the temple which is sick. She also had a brother who is pretty famous as well. His name is Steven Adams, plays in the NBA for OKC and is doing pretty good. They are both New Zealands Crowned jewels you could say. 
One of our members had us over for lunch on Friday and they are pretty casual with us. They gave us the pass code to enter their house whenever we want for lessons or if we are hungry. So when we go there we don't knock, we just walk in. So we walk in and the first person we see is this huge girl in the kitchen making food and it turned out to be Valerie Adams! My Comp and I were shocked when we saw her. We had lunch with her and she was super cool. She was so chill. She is like 10 times my size. She is massive. Her Olympic ring was massive and cool. I don't have any pictures because I didn't take my camera with me. Normally I take it with me but I decided not to for some reason. I was so angry with my self afterwards. So you will just have to take my word for it that I actually met her. I also hugged Gifford Nielson. Yeah the one that played for BYU and For Houston in the NFL. He is part of the area presidency here. His ward is just before ours and while we were greeting people he was walking out and gave us a big ol' hug. So I have connections now lol. Those were some of the famous encounters I have had this week. 
The YSA ward is fun. The ward is really cool and the work is going pretty sweet. The only thing that is slow for us at the moment is getting people to sacrament meeting. Most of our investigators work on Sundays so they can't come to church which is super frustrating. So we will be teaching about the sacrament this week to all of our investigators. 
We found a street that is named after Brigham Young which was strange. I will include the picture with this email, but what are the odds of that happening? Randomly just a street named after a prophet?! 
Things are really exciting right now as we get closer to Christmas. We are going to the temple next week. Finally! Everyone is excited for that than we are just planning some activities with the zone for the weekend of Christmas. I really love the month of December as a missionary because it's a good time to do service. We have done heaps of service this month which has been sweet. Its been so much fun! So that is pretty much it  for me. Hope the week goes well. Love you heaps!

Elder Shannon

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