Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Kia Ora!

But this week has been awesome. It was one of the more harder working weeks I've had in a while. It doesn't make it any easier that is bloody hot and humid. On top of that peoples homes don't have air conditioning for some strange reason. It’s a first world country that doesn't have air conditioning? I find it quite strange. But I still have a profound love for this country and the people.

On Monday last week was very interesting. For p-day we went with some of the other Elders in the zone to go play touch with this massive group that always gets together and plays every few days. So that was fun. After it finished and it was just us at the park, one of the Elders suggested we should do sprints and we all kinda laughed at the idea. He said we should do 10 100 meter sprints. Again we laughed and said we will do one. After the first one we decided to do another. And than it got serious and someone else suggested that we have to start by laying down on our stomachs before we start each sprint. We ended up doing 12 in total and it sucked. Its been so freaking long since I ran that hard. I was so out of shape. But I am still confused on why we did it because we haven't really done anything since haha so it was just so weird. I thought I would share that with you. 

Anyways.. on Tuesday we had interviews with President and his wife and that was great. I was able to talk to President about some personal things and it really helped me out heaps. I just love getting advice from him and to hear what he has to say. One thing that didn't even come to my mind that president brought to my attention is the amount of experience my companion and I have put together. If you combine the amount of time both of us have been out on the mission it we equal out to 3 ½ years of experience. We are the most experienced companionship in the mission. The next closest is the assistants at 3 years. So it was interesting and President went on to say how much he trusts us and expects a lot from us in this area. So that was really cool. 

Wednesday to Saturday we smashed it. We went hard this week in trying to find new investigators and people we can talk to. Nothing was really going for us and we felt like everything we had done was useless. Sunday came around and we decided we would keep it a bit more relaxed cause we were just completely exhausted by Saturday night. We left church after sacrament meeting to go see one of our investigators (we felt prompted to do this). We went to go see C who is our investigator she has a partner whom she has 3 kids with who is not yet married. We went over and we were just catching up with them because it’s been a while since we have seem them. We had a little chat and then she started asking questions about the apostasy and why there are so many different churches and than she asked a little bit about the plan of salvation and again we answered her questions. Then she brought up baptism and expressed that she wants to get baptized and it would be good for her family as well. She then asked her husband if he would get baptized and straight away he said yes! It was awesome! We were shocked when he said that because we didn't think he would be that easy. There are some things we have to do to help them get to baptism. They do have some W.o.W problems and they will have to get married first. We took this as a blessing from all of the hard work we put in this last week. It was so rewarding for us to meet with them and get there thoughts on baptism. They have already been taught everything and have been investigating the church for a year or so. So it’s about time they came to there senses haha jokes. 

The rest of the day we went and spent time with our members because we were just
physically and spiritually exhausted. It was a good way to end the week. 

That’s all I got from this week. I love you heaps!

Elder Shannon

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