Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Elder Kyle Shannon :)

Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Area

Kia Ora!

Man this time of year is so frustrating because the school year is over and everyone is still on vacation from the holidays. So that really slows things down for us, specially because our teaching pool isn't that big right now. So we basically have to sit around and wait. Nah, not really but it’s just annoying. Most of our day is just heaps of driving because our area is massive. One thing that I really love about being up north is the amount of service we do and that we can do. People are always needing help with anything around there house. Mostly everything is just farm land so there is always something to be done. I will work on getting more pictures cause I have been pretty slack at that. 

Yesterday I was able to attend our other branch for church which was nice. It was awesome! It was a very different experience from what I am used to. Like I said last week one of our chapels is a house and that was the one we went to yesterday. It’s a really nice house. We have sacrament meeting in the garage. Priesthood is in the kitchen haha its just so weird but so awesome! The members are so freaking cool as well. They are just so dedicated to the gospel and I love it. 

With the investigators that we do have one of them is a family that wants to get baptized really bad but they are on holidays right now which complicates things. But like I said we will just wait patiently. We also have a couple that is pretty interested as well but they just need to get married before anything starts happening. So we have some stuff to sort out. 

Elder Leia and I get along just great. He is honestly the man. We make things fun and it makes life a lot easier for us. Also the interesting thing about our areas is one of them
doesn't really have a town. It’s just super spread out with heaps of land in between houses. Our other has a small town with a few shops and such. It’s a little bit different from my previous area I was in up north. My area up north was a small town with heaps of gang members. Here its not quite like that. This area is a bit more wealthy. 

But yeah there isn’t much to talk about because we are just waiting for our investigators to return from holiday yet. We are just visiting with the members and we do a little bit of tracting when we can. So hopefully things will pick up within the next few weeks or so. 

That’s all from this week though. I love you heaps!

Elder Shannon

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